Unwanted Naked Lady bulbs amid Desired Narcissus bulbs.

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

I do not want to dig either up.

If I simply keep the tops of the N.L.s cut off, will they eventually disintegrate into the soil WITHOUT harming the Narcissus?

I certainly don't need any more N.L. bulbs, and have plenty of others to give away should I find anyone who doesn't already have them.

However, I do NOT want to loose any of my Tazetta Narcissus Paperwhite 'Geranium' bulbs!

My hubby picked them out as a single bulb at our 5th anniversary, while I picked out 2 other, larger flowered Narcissus. However, on seeing them both growing, I much prefer his choice to mine!

I made a BIG mistake when I planted N.L. in the middle of four T.N.P.G.s! I do NOT want them there, partly because gophers like to eat their roots & thus disturb the Narcissus bulbs, but also due to crowding, as they ALL multiply every year.

I STRONGLY want to AVOID digging them out, because #I do NOT want to risk scarring the Narcissus bulbs at all, knowing that this easily leads to bacterial infection# which infects the soil, infecting & killing all other Narcissus bulbs that ever get planted in it!

Besides, I want to start doing something NOW,
but the Narcissus is in Full Bloom right now.

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> Fusarium bulb rot
I personally lost several bulbs to this problem before I know about it.

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Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I'm not sure if your train of thoughts stem back to the book/film " Return of the Triffids" but whoever told you that digging up ANY bulb leads to damage / disease and then thus spreading soil born diseases to affect every other bulb in the land.

The best way to keep daffodils blooming every year IS to dig them up and divide the clumps so they don't become over crowded as this helps the cause of Bulb Blindness, that is all greenery and NO flowers, this happens after several years undisturbed growing and bulbs multiplying.

I get the message you don't want to dig bulbs up and are looking for an alternative way to get rid of the Naked Ladies but I know of no other way to do this other than to dig the bulbs up AFTER flowering, separate and replant the bulbs you do want to keep, other than PAINT the PL with killer but, you may paint the bulbs you want, keep cutting all you want but, this will take years if at all successful. sorry cant be more constructive but maybe someone else can come up with a better idea.
Good luck. WeeNel.

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