Fringe Tree- dead or alive?

Thomasville, GA

I live in S. GA and planted a bare Fringe tree into a raised bed in Feb. Everthing else in the bed is flourishig but the Fringe tree refuses to open it's tiny buds and leaf out. We have lightly scratched the bark and see bright green. It is now April and still nothing, what seems to be going on?

Conyers, GA(Zone 8a)

Hi I live in Cental GA. and have several native fringe trees (Grand-daddy Greybreads) that I left on a wooded lot after clearing out the underbush and scrub plants, so your posting caught my attention. Could yours be going thru transplant shock? I have one that I need to move so I did a little research for us on the subject. Hope this link helps.
see also:

Just make sure it gets plenty of water for the first 3 yrs and does not dry out until it gets use to it's new home. If it's still green when you scratch the bark it's still alive. They usually bloom and leaf out right after the dogwoods are finishing their show. Good luck.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

I agree it could be transplant shock--when you plant something it's generally going to focus on getting its roots going before it does much of anything else so you may just need to be patient with it. I certainly wouldn't give up on it yet.

Conyers, GA(Zone 8a)

Speaking of which I just lost my little RainTree that I babied from joining the Arbor Society yrs ago. It was one of 10 little pencil size trees that they send you. I put them in a protected area and made sure they were well watered...after 3 or 4yrs when they needed to be moved I gave several away due to space and since they send 2 of each I choose to keep one of the Raintrees. Well it just didn't like it's new home and to make it even worse, my neighbor who got it's twin is doing wonderfull! So today I have decided to move one of my little Fringe into it's old spot and hopefully it will survive. It has to be moved anyway due to the fact there is a dead tree from an empty lot next to my garden fence that has pulled up out of the ground and is now "hanging by a thread" on another tree by it's dead top limb! YIKES. Ready to fall at any hard wind we might get. The lot has went through several owners in the past few yrs and sold for back property taxes again last fall. Had tree service take a look and they wanted $600 to remove with talks of cranes,etc. so after taking a hard look at it's natural landing I decided to let nature take it course. I cut and rolled back my little 4' wire garden fence and am hoping for the best. It looks like it will miss the Magnolia tree and might take off a few limbs of the Leyand Cypress but it will crush one of the little Fringe trees so it has to be moved quickly if I want to save it. Please send me a prayer and I will hope for the best that I don't kill it in the process of trying to save it. Their are several other dead oaks on this lot, thinking of getting my son-in-law to notch them out where they will fall without hurting anything, or taking pic's and sending certified letter to the new owner with letter asking him to remove dangerous trees. The past few yrs of drought has really hurt allot of older trees in my area.

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