Germinating concolor, pallida, tomentosa, cyanescens

Olympia, WA

I was anticipating difficulties with the last 2 but not necessarily the first 2, as they come from warmer regions. And, I only have one seed left of each! Concolor is available now from nurseries but the pallida is that beauty from Ibera on Robin's website. This is the one I am most interested in getting any thoughts about.

I have the typical setup of heat mat, thermostat, flat with a dome. I sewed the seeds in small pots in early March and again in mid-March, surface sewing with a little bit of vermiculite sprinkled on top. They are still in the flats, I haven't disposed of any yet.

Questions I have: should I try putting the pots of tomentosa and cyanescens in the fridge for awhile enclosed in a baggy? Try the Deno baggy method in the fridge for awhile? Just wait awhile longer?

Pallida and concolor: has anyone germinated these? Do they have a low germination rate? Days to germination? Any thoughts on improving my chances?

Thanks so much.
David - Olympia, WA

Elk, CA(Zone 9a)

S. pallida and concolor germinate like meadow grass. S. cyanensis for us is slow - I use GA3 and a cold stratification period, and then very warm for several weeks before there is any action. S. tomentosa has been a low percentage species, but not difficult in any way.


Olympia, WA

Thanks Kermit, I usually don't have problems with the easy ones, which I assume is what you mean by meadow grass,


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