Am I a boy or girl ??

Bridgewater, ME

This orp is 8 weeks old and at 2 weeks started crowing,but now it has stopped and its comb and wattles are a light yellow.Its in with a 8 week old blue orp that has started crowing a couple weeks ago.I`m thinking now that it might be a girl,what do you thingk???

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Richmond, TX

I would guess pullet - are you sure this one was crowing?

Bridgewater, ME

Yes because I hatched them in the house and they were in a fish tank and I watched him her crowing and my dh and I would start laughing because we had never seen one that young crow.There was only the two of them

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Conroe, TX

Sometimes hens will crow. We have a Sebright hen that crows.

Are the wings long or are they short and blunt? Our Orpington hens had long wings at a young age and the roo had more blunt shorter wings.

Bridgewater, ME

Here is a picture of wings

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Conroe, TX

Well they look more pointy like they are close to the back at the tail? I'm thinking pullet.

Bridgewater, ME

I sure hope so

Lodi, CA(Zone 9b)

It sure looks like a pullet... I thought that in the picture of the 2 together.

Bridgewater, ME

I stilll think its a girl

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