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Autumn in the Brug GardenAustralia

Sydney, Australia

Here comes Fernando stay tuned !

┊ ┊┊ ┊☀┊ ┊ ┊┊ ☀ه
ه┊ ☀ ┊ ┊
☀ ┊┊ ☀ه
ه┊ ☀!!!
MAGIC ! ི♥ྀ ི♥ྀ ི♥ྀ

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Sydney, Australia

Here is your beautiful Brug Allan ^_^ thank you very much for the swap, I will send some of any seeds I may be lucky enough to make back to you if you are interested, wish me luck doubles are all opening at once by the look of things so keep your fingers crossed that we may achieve some double kids out of this Autumn.
Fernando has had to deal with many adverse conditions here but once the sun came out, so did the buds !
Tenshi shyly pokes a bloom out from behind leaves as long as my arm ! (pic 1)
Twilight Time and Zabaglione (pic 2)
Ditto (pic3)
M T (Alistair) (pic 4)
Tenshi in pale mode (pic 5) she goes a deep Coral in heat.

We came from

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NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Good one Chrissy! Ours is yet to bloom.
I have been trying to contact Allan Little (email bounce) to let him know about a seedling of his that came into full bloom yesterday...
'Musketeer' x 'Fernando'
One of the seedlings has bloomed. Over 12 flowers in this first flush!
As you can see, a single that is very long (400mm).

I am impressed with the number of blooms and the length of the flowers.

Not quite a white or pink, but an elegant bloom with good genes.

Fernando is yet to bloom.

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Forgot to add Allan...
Please let me send some cuttings if you would like them.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

hi there Chrrisy and wayne hope you both had a good break.
Chrissy all your babies are lloking great the spring and summer was bad but it looks like the Autumn is going to have a bounty for you this years.

Wayne, the cross you have seeded for alan looks amazing and the length is outstanding it should now be crossed with a double to see if the length will be kept

I hav many plants in bud i think all my aurea are in but but 1
i have 2 apricots with im crossing to validate 1 or the othere.
Butterboom is flowering also EP, WR, Knightii (X:2places) DRC, Tantra, DP'n'G, sanguinea 'Yellow' Culebra is in a flush mode with about 10 flowers coming
SB, Munchausen, and a few others are coming throw

crossing aurea to aurea to to check the validity and see if many are 1 in the same

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Sydney, Australia

I have to say that loooong white would rival Avalanche ! Wayne, thanks for the picture.

Sounds like you are doing very well Shaun ...I will be ruining quite a few of my doubles over the next few days (going in through the sides to pollinate them.
You know I did a cut open of the blooms that are being open pollinated in an effort to understand why and guess what I found !
The mummy bit is way down low towards the end of the opening compared to the ones that have mummy high up in the bloom.
I found that quite interesting.
PP has set pods in just about every bloom without my help, so has LP no 9,Earth Angel x Pink Smitty and Axelrose.
I just hope Winter won't be too harsh, though some of these pods may mature before the frosts.
The ones I am hovering over are doubles to doubles (my deliberate crosses) ...doubles made here would be the ultimate, for me a twirly whirly (heavenly scented) white my ultimate goal.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Chrissy, I think that after your Big Wet you are getting spring, summer and autumn blooms all at once LOL (BTW, can you remind me what M T Alistair is?) Fernando is a wonderful bloomer, judging by your pics here and Allan's earlier one showing his plant just dripping with blooms. And the blooms are so big. And scented. A heavily-blooming giant scented coloured double brug--pretty much ticks all the boxes! Unless you're looking for the perfect double white ;-)

Wayne, you need a tape measure for your Musketeer x Fernando seedling--a 30cm ruler just isn't long enough! (BTW, what are you feeding your brugs to get them to bloom so quickly, dammit: enquiring minds want to know!!) The blooms look white--do they acquire a tint as they age? PS I'm not complaining about it being white, just responding to your description of it as being not quite a white or pink. Very regal and quite arresting, aren't they? And fabulous genes of course ...

Shaun, glad you got the seeds this time: it pays to look into the bottom of the package! (Recycled envelope, hence the US stamps.) Looks like you're about to get a bloom explosion too ...

Meanwhile, my Pink Smitty x Dorthea#2 has another (small) flush. The flower looks looks ugly when viewed head-on but the tendrils are gorgeous when viewed side-on or from above. It does remind me a little of Musketeer, the way one side of it is curled up like a hat--a musketeer's hat, of course! I guess you'd call the pollen hot--look at the seedpods on it. Virtually every flower I've pollinated has set a pod. When this flush first opened a few days ago, I walked past the white not-quite-unfurled blooms at dusk and got the most intense perfume--of vanilla! The vanilla tone is not as strong now but this is a perfume I hope it passes on to its seedlings.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Boy, isn't Autumn wonderful, all these flushes and new cvs and finally getting to see Fernando flower...
My Fernando is about a week away...but with these hot days who knows...
I am not certain cestrum but MT could be Meroo Totty?
Allan's crosses of OA x Fernando and Musketeer x Fernando, have Y'd but no signs of flowers yet...I think they will probably be Spring babies.
PP is my promiscuous one and I think that Ivoire might be the same.

Sydney, Australia

I fall in love with the Earth Angel x Pink Smitty tendrils and yours look very similar to mine don't they ? this one in this picture set so many pods ! (without my help) ...I did not bother because this plant kept ditching the buds in the rain and I thought no way that it would carry seed pods, but it has, maybe because we finally have some dry weather (hopefully it won't be too hot for crosses).
My first season making seeds was wet too, I wonder if the wet conditions aid in the open pollination as well, I have a feeling that it helps so long as there is no wind, and the rain isn't too heavy. We are having delightful foggy mornings now and that keeps things nice and damp (for crossing ) but then the day is pretty warm, much warmer than Summer was.
Guess we will find out when we harvest the donated pods,if it has worked. Maybe only one or two seeds in each one if it was a bee that only dropped one or two pollen grains. You can see here who the pollen donor probably is ...up close and personal. Maybe some lovely whites.
This is how we learn.
edited to fix my reverse cross ...fixed now :)

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Sydney, Australia

Yes sorry it is Merroo Totty :)
I think PP is somehow related to Sugar Pink Dianne.
Love love love Autumn !

NW Sydney NSW, Australia

Hopefully this connection holds... not too sure what is the problem with my access to Dave's.
Not to worry, sort it later.
Glad to be back if just to read and pop in as much as possible.

Lots of open pollinated pods here on anything with a 'Pink Panther' background. Also on 'Clementine'. Have mentioned to Chrissy a pod on her 'Twilight Time'... nothing to do with me! :)
Taking very much care of this potted plant over winter...
Also, another open pollinated pod on a seedling of 'GHA' x 'Butter Bomb', seed from Chrissy! So this will be interesting. This plant is in the nursery next to another seedling 'Old Apricot' x 'MP'... both were in flower at the same time.

Cestrum, our plants get mainly Dynamic Lifter with a three month Osmocote when in pots. Ground grown plants get the same plus a mulch of cow manure.

I have been working outside on some treated pine nursery benches... Allan's seedling is keeping me company. I keep looking up from my work and admire those perfectly vertical, 400 mm blooms. In the sunlight they glisten!

Thumbnail by WayneCarter
Clifton Springs, Australia

You mentioned Ivoire's mother, is her son this morning.
I know it's painful having to look at him all the time....but he loves blue

Just had a thought, when all of the Ivoire cuttings grow tall, he will be looking out over, NSW, SA and Croydon and Merino in Victoria...are you sure you don't want him cestrum? lol

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Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
West of Brisbane, Australia

Never apologise for posting photos of your beloved, Dianne! (Blue sky background does look a treat too.) So post away. Just wish you could upload the perfume too :-)
I did break my own rule just recently and exchanged brugs with Shaun, taking a cutting of his Dr Seuss to complement my own Dr Seuss X. I'll find a spot for it of course but really, no more! No more LOL
Here is one of the good blooms from one of the double pinks--so many have been deformed this season. What I find interesting is the existence of definite yellow tones amid the pink--that's not just a quirk of the camera ...

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Sydney, Australia

Post away Dianne I know how you feel ^_^ and it's such a good one !

cestrum that's lovely , the subtle yellows in the rinse are certainly beautiful. names ??? lol ^_^

Oh Wayne that sounds so wonderful ! the blooms are mesmerizing aren't they ?

West of Brisbane, Australia

No name ... not worth naming because of the number of deformed blooms.
I'm hoping the seedlings won't have that problem.
PS Read something about separated anthers (as on yours, Dianne) signifying something about the percentage of aurea in a brug? Or perhaps I got it wrong ...?

Brisbane, Australia

Chrissy... Good to see that Fernando is finally going to bloom for you. Hope you like it when it opens fully. Obviously Fernando does not like the hot Australian Summer temps. My Fernando bush has flushed, but is continuing to produce new buds. I did give him some good flowering fertilizer which helps a lot!!
Looks like Wayne and Dianne will also soon have Fernando blooms.

Wayne..thanks for showing me the seedling blooms of Musketeer X Fernando. It is a very long bloom indeed and I love the bloom form. I hope it has a nice perfume. A coloured double bloom would have been preferable but 'white' appears to be very dominant. I think I gave you some seeds of the reverse cross which may be more likely to produce a double seedling. Wayne I have a new email address as I had to change server. I will D-mail you with my email.

Clifton Springs, Australia

The yellow in the bloom looks lovely, you would think that it would help with the melon colour, mixing with the pink.
I read that too, cestrum...on Bgi...the poster said that the separated anthers did signify a high proportion of Aurea in the brug...can't remember which flower he was talking about though.

Won't be long now, feels like years....woe betide any bugs that go near him

pssst...I think that the PPfasc. is holding it's ovaries, maybe all 5....not speaking out loud just in case.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Er, does that mean 5 seedpods from that amazing 10-pointed flower? Is that possible--you'll need to provide the equivalent of one of those pregnancy belly support belts for the poor thing! (Well, at least some pantyhose ...)
Now I'm going to have a look at all my aureas when they flower, to check out the anthers ...

Sydney, Australia

Fernando is very healthy Alan it is nudging the clothesline in the cottage area, I put it in there under the cover of plastic netting after we had the terrible hail. It has many buds and I see further small ones forming, I have had so much rain that I had to nip the tips out in order to let the water out of the buds, all of my poor Brugs have had way too much water.
Fernando has done very well, it dropped some buds in awful weather but as soon as the weather improved it got going straight away, this is quite common for doubles.
The seedling from Fernando is very Elegant ...congratulations to you and Wayne .


Clifton Springs, Australia

PP fasc #1 had 2 ovaries
#2 had 2 ovaries
and #3 was a fused ovary, two in one....

If it does occur they'll all be in pantyhose before they know it....all the ones that I have pollinated are wearing
the ankle hose...they look very much like sausages hanging there...

Sydney, Australia

Lol cestrum

check the calyx too, the neck is always covered with more than one slit if it is heavily Aurea.


West of Brisbane, Australia

Proper support pantyhose is what they'll need, Dianne!

OK, then. Aurea characteristics:
1. Small flower and classic aurea fragrance described as honey/almond. (But that's not how it smells to me! I mean, what do almonds smell like--I can only think of almond essence. And I can't smell that in the aureas. As for honey, putting aside my leatherwood honey which is quite distinctive and can't be called a classic 'honey' fragrance, I think of the ordinary buddlejas ... and the aureas smell a lot better than those. Anyway, I digress, as usual ...)
2. Separated anthers (i.e. not fused).
3. Two or more slits on the calyx.

Yellow/gold/cream/white are the most common colours, I know, but we've got some true pinks with a lot of aurea in them ...

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Sydney, Australia

Think almond honey nougat with butterscotch toffee coating.
Milky honey, think warmed milk with honey stirred into it.

West of Brisbane, Australia

Quote from chrissy100 :
Think almond honey nougat with butterscotch toffee coating.

Dunno how that smells ... but it sounds *delicious*!
Where can that? To eat, I mean?

Sydney, Australia
you haven't had one ? is recipe ...I chucked the toffee note in ^_^

West of Brisbane, Australia

I've eaten nougat (and I remember seeing it being made on TV--I don't like it enough to do that!). But I don't remember the *smell* of it. Just its sweet chewiness. Not an evocative (olfactory) memory for me, alas.

Not surprisingly, the key to good/early blooms seems to be lots of fertiliser! I've been pretty good on the watering but slack there. I would also add sufficient sunlight, as quite a few of mine are in shade (my canopy at last!) and that seems like a sure way of deferring flowering/first flowering for a year or two. (But it does protect against frost!)

Clifton Springs, Australia

Plus we have lots of seedlings with the genuine pink Rothkirch in them...that's if it is the genuine pink Rothkirch?

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Clifton Springs, Australia

There used to be a chocolate bar that was Honey and Almond...about 5 separate pieces with a whole almond in the centre of a caramel liquid..add a bit of butterscotch to that bar, not too much and you have Aurea.

Jean, where are you?....I hope you're not out in that sun.....

West of Brisbane, Australia

Quote from Seachanger :
Plus we have lots of seedlings with the genuine pink Rothkirch in them...that's if it is the genuine pink Rothkirch?

In my case particularly thru the Rubiline group via Dorthea. Which probably explains the smaller blooms. (Mind you, I didn't know mine were smaller blooms until I eventually realised how big the others were!)

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

well iv been away for 3 hours and have come back to a flurry of info

Alan it looks like your getting an number of crosses with doubles in them congrats

Cestrum i cant tell the difference between honey & oats but my aurea's have a different fragrance from each other im not 100% sure which is the strongest and best to my nose but i don't care as my yard smells Beautiful with the aurea & suaveolend perfume wafting throw
and yes you did brake your rule's hahaha i knew some one could but i did not think it would be one of my BABIES hahah

Dianne post away i do like seeing the pics in different poses

Chrissy looks like your going to have no time again on your hands with all of those beautiful blooms and all of the new 1's coming throw also

I have started a few seed in Perlite and it seems to have worked in about 6days i have germination of Phanomenal X.? so should be interesting to see what comes from this way of propagation and i have put all of yours in this way also Cestrum!!

Cestrum ????? what is your name?????do you mind ??????

West of Brisbane, Australia

That must be a (Phanomenal x Superspot) x unknown cross. I'm looking forward to seeing those bloom too ... what are the odds that they'll be pink LOL Although maybe not, as the seedling parent (i.e. the PxS) has yellow tinges amid the pink too. I hope there's a yellow lurking there somewhere ...
It's just cestrum, Shaun Wayne

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Cestrum i got mine from Germany as Phanomenal X so i realy hope ther eis something special there i do like this variety so what ever comes from it will be fine by me

i hope (PxS) shows you a few interesting blooms when it dose show it's face in the next 12-18months

West of Brisbane, Australia

I misunderstood, Shaun; thought you were referring to the Phanomenal x Superspot crosses I'd sent you ... which should have germinated by now, as the batch I'm thinking of was posted last year.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

cestrum the seed that were sent early November 2 ssed lots did not germinate
Golden Butter' X. Pink Sweetie* (* Bruce's Pink x.Alphonse Mucha)
('Phanomenal' x.'Superspot') X.Unknown
Sorry to say that but this is the luck of the draw when it comes to seed i have about 10 -12 seed lots that have not done anything at all

I have not had much success with crosses that have Sam & Phanomenal .
i must say that i it is my full 1st season of germinating many see batches at 1 time

but as time goes by im learning very quick about what & how to germinate, Im now working with perlite and have had seed germinate in 6days very quick

West of Brisbane, Australia

Yes, it does happen with some batches. Don't know offhand whether those batches failed for me too (I've lost so many to snails/wilt etc that I've just stopped noting them down) but I do know that one batch failed for us all, despite having viable-looking kernels. So nothing to do with your germination techniques. Some seeds definitely do germinate faster than others, some can surprise you by germinating four months later, and some are simply duds. BTW, 6 days at any time of year is very fast! (For a warm-climate brug. But some seeds are so viable that they start sprouting while being soaked in water before sowing.)

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Merino, Australia

PP is opening. Pics later .

Shaun, I have the same thing happen here. Its not us , its the seeds.
I have had seeds germinate in the greenhouse in winter and some wont germinate at all even in the warm weather .
Its the same in nature. Imagine if all seeds germinated ? We would be over run with plants.

I have been using those coir bricks for years both with perlite for seeds and mixed in potting mix for plants.
I have found here , that if I keep my seeds wet, they do better.
I use the biodegradable pots which sit in plastic trays, I buy my sweet potatoes in . Just right for 6 pots each.
I water every few days and I keep just enough water in the bottom to keep the pots damp .
The trays all sit in the mini greenhouse inside the large greenhouse first, then graduate to the benches . From there once potted into 8"pots , they go to the shadehouse. . I know this works for me, but every place is different.

Some of my nice looking buds fell off a couple of the brugs yesterday but most are hanging on.
I am going out to try another lot of pollen on GHA as hes the only one fully out at the moment.

West of Brisbane, Australia

I've had terrific success in seed germination generally by placing the individual pots/cells of seeds into a shut mini-propagator in a warm spot outside in dappled light with a little bit of water in the base, half a cm initially although it's been four times that after rain (which manages to get in thru the closed vents anyway). That is, the cells have actually been sitting in up to 2cm of water. Note: this has worked only in warm weather, and only outside (there seem to be problems with gnats in the mix etc inside for some reason.) Plus, I generally pour out the excess every week or so to avoid it becoming stagnant.

Thumbnail by cestrum_SEQ
Sydney, Australia

Oh P x SS looks wonderful ! cestrum

Gosh you must be frustrated Jean ...I have felt like that all Summer but it's on for young and old right now as it seems Summer has decided on a late arrival ! (grrr not good for crosses- but you never know)

Seeds can be quite contrary Shaun, sometimes you give up and chuck them out and suddenly up they pop ! I found out the hard way ... ^_^ quite early on. It was only the imported seeds, that is when I started peeling one in ten seeds to check for viability.

Well I have been out just before dawn to take advantage of the cool moist air, hence some pics are a bit dark. I dusted doubles to doubles (I really hate hurting the beautiful blooms, but it is the only way to do it with them). Fernando has a lovely big landing strip, not hard to find at all and was easy access, I only did two because I want some pretty Brugs in their final stage to show you Allan, and everyone. I hope the day heat won't stall the seeds setting, but I have to try. I crossed Heart of Gold to it and T T (can't reach FFA) The pollen in him (Fernando) is not yet fluffy, it was fluffy in my blooms so they were donors.
I am sorry the pictures are not of the individual plant but after the hail I panicked and moved precious Brugs into the cottage garden for more protection, hubby threw a plastic net thingy over the clothes line in that area. So of course the Brugs are jostling for room. The weeds are nuts in there too because it gets the run off from the cottage roof when it rains so it has been quite a swamp. I managed to do some more of the Heart of Gold to TT and visa versa, the funny thing is that they both have the same shaped pods (different to all the other pods) sort of stubby fat shorter types. The open pollinated on Axelrose is like a fat finger, The ones on LP no 9 are long thin ones (just like versicolor ones-so far anyway) EA x PS are like a mix of both. Pods on BB are almost like Aurea but slightly elongated, the huge Pods on PP are like a long cucumber with a pointed end. I am finding the pods quite fascinating.
I can see Elfin Pink going off it's head down in the jungle section but I don't dare go in there because we have seen two Brown snakes and the red bellied blacks were guests in there in past Summers, so sad to say I can't visit a lot of my lovely Brugs down in that section.Elfin Pink is towering above the others.
Well here is a few of Fernando this morning ...I couldn't smell anything but it may have a fragrance at twilight tonight.

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100
Sydney, Australia

Further shots of Fernando
I have had severe bug attacks and pulled slugs and snails out of the plants and blooms his morning, the constant rain has presented me with filigree leaves and some chewed blooms.

It's wonderful to watch the different colours at play here in this Brug ...thanks again Allan, I hope you are proud ^_^

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Sydney, Australia

Here are some quick shots (I ripped into some of them after the pics)
Meroo Totty can hardly reach it and I had to pull it forward and reach up to remove a big fat grey slug from one of these lovely blooms. grrrr. This has much improved since it's first flush. I really love it !

Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100

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