Germinating Chelone obliqua (Turtlehead)

Foxboro, MA

Has anyone had success germinating Chelone/Turtlehead? I started it indoors 5 weeks ago. I did not pre-chill the seeds. I'm about to move the containers to the fridge for a few weeks but I've read conflicting reports that germination may take up to 3 months so I'm just curious if anyone's had any success?

Galesburg, IL

Deno, reports that Chelone needs only light for germination at 70 degrees with no other treatments necessary. He reported only 50% germination after 8 weeks, so you may want to give them a little more time.

BTW, for those who don't know or are new to this forum, Deno was a chemistry Professor at Penn State who conducted germination experiments on hundreds if not thousands of different species and published a book with two different supplements on the results. Those books are no longer available but the USDA scanned these books and they are available in PDF format from one of their websites. Sorry, I no longer have the link, but if you search the forum, you should be able to find it.

Please Note: I have had different experiences than Deno reports for some species, so everyone's results will not necessarily be identical to what he found in carefully controlled laboratory experiments. However, it is a fantastic resource and is a great starting point if you are not sure about what conditions to use.

Foxboro, MA

Thanks. I looked up the link for the Deno book.

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