April Showers bring May flowers.......

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Well Showers I would like to have without the hail and high winds. Really nasty looking clouds today
Please feel free to discuss whatever and post pictures.
We are all ecstatic that Justin is our April baby and that Heather is doing better now. Prayers have been answered.

I forgot to say we were pelted with marble size hail for about 40 min this after noon. All my blooms are probably gone. Shame too since Easter for all the family is going to be here.

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Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Hate to hear you had hail!! It has finally started raining here. It was windy for a while but seems to just be a steady rain now. Hope that continues and we don't get anything else.

Worked on income taxes tonight. I'm just about finished but I just couldn't do it any longer!! Hate, hate taxes and all the paper work!!

Went by my garden this afternoon and the radish seeds I planted just a few days ago are already sprouting!!

I'm also so glad to hear all is well with Heather and Justin!

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I pray that all are safe from the storms yesterday and last night!!!! It was horrible here during the night!!! We have over 1900 people in north Baton Rouge without electric this morning and serious street flooding. I made a corporate decision and Ashley isn't going to school today. Tomorrow is her last day anyway for Easter holiday.

Yes that is an answer to prayers!!! I talked to Sandra and she said she thought about me on the way to the hospital when Heather was having to have her emergency surgery. I'm sure the nightmare that we went through after Ashley was born must have flashed through her mind!!! I know it did mine when she was telling me about Heather!!! Thank God that all went well and both Heather and Justin are doing well!!!! Sandra also sounded exhausted!!! I hope this stress doesn't cause her to have a flare up!!! I hope all her time is spent spoiling baby Justin!!!

Good news my taxes are done and mailed yesterday!!! I'm broke but we made it!!!!

I also hauled my hibiscus out of the G/H hoping that they enjoy the rain but I haven't even looked out. They may be tossed here and there. I managed to get some Ironite on my azaleas and 25#'s of Osmocote on some of the other plants in anticipation of a little rain.

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Cindy, thanks for starting the new thread! Couldn't think of a better reason to start one than a new life!! I hate your blooms got messed up by the hail.

Sandra, glad Heather and Justin are doing fine. Hope she has been able to enjoy him now. I'm sure she was groggy from the surgery but now she will be fine today and just get to spoil and cuddle him as much as she wants!

So sad for all the hail damaging everyone's blooms. We're supposed to get the bad weather tonight so mine will probably get it. We had a thunderstorm last night but nothing bad. At least we got some badly needed rain. Jeri, I am out of ironite and forgot to buy any last week at Lowe's! Thought I had some. I did put out some Epsom salts on a gardenia that is looking yellow but I think it needs some ironite. One of my clematis had 3 blooms 2 days ago and yesterday there were at least a dozen! Wow! I could fill my yard with trellises and clematis!

Our accountant has had our tax stuff for a couple of weeks so it should be any day now that we get the bad news. I don't even want to know.....It seems like Uncle Sam gets more and more every year.

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

So glad to see update on Heather. Thanks!

Crissy, Jeff had a great time. I am certain that he would have rather been fishing or flying his airplane but he enjoys being the helper and carrier of things...and the complements that he gets for doing such. The girls did encourage him strongly to return inside and buy me one more plant. Which he did, and even found another one to get. It took him forever to return outside. I told the girls he was still inside flirting and would probably return with something free. Well, we he returned, he said, he did not get anything free but they kept trying to give him back a dollar...which would have made one of the plants cost 50 cents. He is such a charmer!!!

I have not planted one thing that we bought Saturday! I did take out all the EEs and as usual, I lost several! I have walked around to see what all I need to purchase at Rita's and I discovered that I lost at least 6 hostas! I am very disappointed but I will just have to buy more.

Central, LA(Zone 8b)

I agree Elaine but you also have to look at the fact that we earned some money to even owe taxes and I TG for that fact!!!

My holly trees are also turning yellow so I even hit them with the Ironite. I hope it helps!!!! I bought a hugh bucket of epsom salt at Sam's for $5.99. So far I've only used it to soothe those screaming muscles when I crawl to the jacuzzi. I guess I need to share with the plants!!! I bought it for that use anyway.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Was swamped yesterday and didn't have a chance to get on line. Sorry to hear that Heather had to go back into surgery, but thankful that she is ok now! And Jeri, you were the first person I thought of last night when I read Sandra's post on FB that they had to go back into surgery!! So scary!

What is ironite? Never heard of it............... and what does epsom salt do to plants? I am like Jeri...I use it for sore muscles, but never heard of anyone putting it on plants! I have a couple of gardenias that are very yellow too but I didn't know what was wrong. Have a couple of others in a different place that are very lush and dark green.

I did manage to get some osmocote out on Sunday afternoon on part of my plants..... guess it worked out good with the rain that we got Monday and yesterday. Just wish I had gotten it on everything.

What do ya'll use on your daffodils? I have been using the osmocote on them as well, but I wondered if I needed something different to make them bloom better ...... looked at Lowes for some bulb food but didn't find anything.....

The heavy winds and rain have knocked almost all the blooms off of everything. The clematis blooms are still hanging on but they look a little rough, my lady banks rose had been loaded but they are almost completely gone.....azealeas too and i don't even have them in the ground yet!! Had three pallets of mulch delivered yesterday.........have just a little work in front of me!

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Info on epsom salts


Central, LA(Zone 8b)

Genna the Ironite is to add nitrogen to the soil. That is what will green up the gardenias or any other evergreen that is yellowing right now. You think I would just regularly add it but I wait until the plant requests it by yellowing and I think by allowing them to stress a little I get more blooms. My grandmother use to add coffee grounds and achieved the same results but no coffee grounds from cokes. LOL!!! So I use Ironite.

I use blood meal on my bulbs and your plants will love the epsom salt for magnesium. My plumerias don't ilke the epsom salt but the burgs love it.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

We got some very much needed rain last night but not the hail and other bad weather some of the other of you got. I was up late last night working on my income taxes! I didn't get totally finished but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I will feel like a big weight has been lifted off me when that is finished!!

My plants loved the rain! I could already see where some things have grown overnight! I love clematis and finally figured out that I actually have lots of things they can climb on. Now I keep finding them in places I had forgotten I had planted them!! Just found one this morning! I planted a climbing rose at one corner of my pergola and this morning I found where I had planted a clematis to climb with it!!

Can't wait to go down and see how my garden is doing after the rain! My radishes were popping through yesterday.

For those that haven't met Jeff, he is such a nice guy and so patient with all our craziness!! He was so cute with this little plant he found that he liked!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

For bulbs, blood meal is good, and there is a fertilizer they sell especially for bulbs. I think it is called 'bulb booster' or something like that.

Yep, coffee grounds or banana peels are also good to put around the base of gardenias or azaleas. I do it all the time, just bury them under the mulch, but it takes a lot to see results. I usually am putting my coffee grounds in my mulch pile with everything else.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I do the same thing Elaine! However, I discovered one of my dogs likes to try and find "treats" in my decayed vegetables! She got sick one night (was OK in a few hours) but I think she ate something that didn't agree with her. So now I have to really hide it from her. I ended up putting a bunch of bad fruit, vegetables, coffee grounds in a big container on my deck. Too tall for her to get into! I just kept mixing it up with the potting soil. I also put some on some other pots in the yard and put pine straw on top of it and then bricks so she couldn't get to it. She will eat anything she can find!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Well, I was putting coffee grounds around one of Leigh's other gardenias a couple of years ago...... but then he thought it was not looking right and wanted me to stop. Now they are the ones that are so green and healthy. I have been just putting my coffee grounds with my other kitchen scraps and taking to my 'compost pile' which is not really a pile because my chickens, and Dewey would scratch through it and scatter it - but they enjoyed it...... Unfortunately, we lost the hens last week to some type of attacker, and they got Dewey Monday morning early!! We have not been able to catch what is getting them - but he was our last one! :( I personally think it is dogs - since Samson is gone they just think they can do what they want I guess......
Will sure miss my chickens and especially Dewey's crowing........... but not getting any more until we have a big dog that can keep the predators from coming around !!! so, I guess on a positive note maybe my compost pile can finally grow some!
I do usually take my banana peels out and put next to my rose bushes or somewhere.... guess I will share a few with the gardenia.

How much epson salt do you put out?? I can hear Leigh saying the "salt" is going to KILL my plants!!! although I know epson salt is magnesium.....

Thanks for the link Kim..... I am off to read about it now....

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Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

I have problems with the skunks and other wild critters strewing peels , lettuce or anything I try to put in the compost piles. I find it all in my beds and I have to pick it up again.. Sad to say most things I just send down the disposal these days.
I have a cute photo this morn. This is our oldest cow probably over 20 yrs. We didn't let the bull get to her last year because she was so poorly looking. Well guess what she is with child again. This cow bird was giving her a needed massage walking on her poor tired bones for her. In bliss I think so.

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Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Sorry to here about the chickens Genna. We gave up too due to the hawks. We have way too many fox around here too. I guess we are going to have to get a dog to keep the critters out. I hate going through the puppy stage though.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

She does have a very blissful look on her face!!!!

A couple of nights ago I had taken the dogs out for one last time before going to bed. Samantha was barking like crazy and the kind of bark where you know they have something. I went to look and at first I thought it was a cat she was barking at. As I got closer I realized it was a big possum that was hissing away at her. Samantha was about a foot away from the stupid thing!!! I had to pick her up - she wasn't going to give up on scaring it away!!! I had been watering some things and sprayed it with water and at first it still wouldn't leave! Finally scared it away! I need to get my Have a Heart trap back out!!! But I hate having to find a new home for what ever I catch.

I just checked my caladium bulbs and they are spouting away!! I have the in the mini greenhouses with the flaps totally opened. Don't remember ever being able to get caladium bulbs started this early!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Cindy, bless her heart..... guess she just thinks having babies is what she is made to do! I bet she is enjoying that massage though. I really think that our problem is dogs! If Leigh catches them they are going to be in serious trouble..... I told him he can't just shoot any dog that comes around though....because Sam roamed the neighborhood for several months before he was hit by the truck. I am pretty sure I know which dog it is - and I think it is the same one who got the 30+ chickens several years ago before we had Sam.....

We have two large hawks - a beautiful pair - that has been at our property for several years before we ever built. We have never had any problem with them messing with anything other than I am sure they have killed some of my songbirds. But I have seen them with several snakes which is fine with me. But Sam would bark at them too if they got too close to the house....so they may venture closer with him gone too.

Ya'll please whisper a prayer for Jessica today if you don't mind. THere is SO MUCH drama and mess going on at school, and the teachers are loading them down with massive amounts of homework. I don't think they have done the work they were supposed to all year, so now here at the end they are trying to cover it all at a ridiculous pace!! She was gone to a state FBLA contest Monday and yesterday and got almost no sleep, and she worked on homework the whole time she was gone to it too.....She has a huge AP biology test tomorrow and she hasn't been there while they were going over the material and so she is afraid she will not do well, now she has texted me and she has a ton of homework in several other classes in addition to trying to get ready for the test. She is about to snap from the stress of it all - and she only has a few more days to go.... I know she can do it, but I am really worried about the stress level she is under. So, if you dont mind sending a few prayers her way today, I know that will help! Thank you! Thankfully they get out of school for Friday....but I bet they send a ton of homework home for the weekend. One teacher even assigned an entire book and essay over Spring break...while she went to Florida and sat on the beach!

Charlotte those possums are fierce little creatures! and they seem to multiply rapidly...... but better that than a skunk! We have lots of skunks around the house...and I hate those things!! Thankfully most of them have stayed out away from the house and I hope they continue to do so!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I was just out looking at my front beds and couldn't believe there are stalks and buds on some of my day lilies. They are some of the ones Cindy gave me.

Genna hope Jessie doesn't get too stressed. She's too young to stress - she needs to have fun!

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

I agree but this year has been horrible! One stressor or drama after another.... thank the Lord i only had one girl! I don't think I could have taken this for a housefull! :) She is SOOO beyond ready to get away from all the petty crap that is going on.... and the favoritism that is being shown to some of the kids. Our principal lets his children rule the school - and so their friends are the ones who get all the special attention. Just so ready to move on! As she says, 23.5 days and counting!!

Ripley, MS

Well, we have babies, possums, skunks, flowers and I need to add armadillos to the list--lol

So many things going on, but I want to thank you all again for your prayers, they are doing well today. The baby was born at 36 weeks, so they have a rule, he must stay in the nursery for 36 hours. The parents can go in, but no one else. He will go into their room about 8pm tonight, so I think we will go tomorrow night. She is going to have to stay 4 days. My arms are itching to hold him, but there are lots more arms itching too so I will wait my turn. Jerry needs some rest he is worn out.
The doc told her this morning she lost 6 pints of blood, and they gave her 4, her count was high enough that she thought they would probably not give her anymore.

Love to all

Booneville, MS

Great news, Sandra. Squeeze that baby for me, too. I love that baby smell!


Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Wow, Sandra! That's a lot of blood to lose, but I'm glad she is young and otherwise healthy so it sounds like she has recovered quickly.
Justin looked healthy in his FB picture too. He sure looked long, but maybe it was just the angle. You couldn't tell he was a little early!
How much did he weigh? I know you are excited to hold him but you are more patient than I probably would be!

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Yes Sandra that was a lot of blood to lose. I'm like Elaine he looks big and healthy to me!
I know she is so anxious to hold him and to get him home!

I've got a lot to do next week but this week I'm spending all my time in my yard!!! Have lots to do but I've decided to just enjoy doing what ever I decide to do!

Ripley, MS

He weighed 5:13, he sure had a lot of yelling to do too--he was kicking and crying and had walleyed himself down to the bottom of his bed. They should be moving him in with them tonight, Heather has to stay 4 days.

Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Good morning we are getting heavy rain again right now and under tornado watch. I need this to quit, so much still needs doing in the yard but Mother Nature love to show us who's boss. I hope y'all have sunshine and under 80 degrees today. We are 63 right now but I am sure it will warm up fast. Supposed to be only 80 today. Looks like these storms are headed to Sandra. You be careful if you are headed to see that baby.

I have a few more La Iris blooming. This first one looks as if it was spray painted. The base is a bit more yellow than than the camera would pick up The Amaryllis is Papilio The last photo is a Japanese roof or root Iris.

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Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

I need some help. I have two broken shovel heads that I want to paint some short saying on and put handle down in my beds. Can y'all think of something short to paint on them that maybe has something to do with a shovel or digging. I can't come up anything.

My short phlox is really blooming this year

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Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

"I dig gardening"

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Here are some more I just found on a website (the other one came to mind when I thought about 'shovel'). I guess I have a warped sense of humor...my old, close friends will tell you this is true.

Compost happens

I don’t remember planting this

Annuals: live fast, die young

Weed ‘em and reap

Plantus unknownus (my personal favorite)

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Love your LA iris! My amaryllis are starting to bloom now also. Another one of my favorite flowers!!!

You all really have had a lot of rain!!! No rain here today but it is a little cooler and kind of windy today. The sun is actually out.

I plan to spend the day in the yard. Lots of things that need to be done. As my azaleas fade I'm dong some pruning on them. I have to do a little every year or they will get totally out of control. I also have some kind of vine that always grows through my azaleas in the front. I got some of it out yesterday. I even have a nadina bush that has popped up in the middle of my azaleas and is now about 4 ft tall! Gotta come out!

Cindy that's a really cute idea but I'm not good at coming at with sayings. A young mom that is coordinating the renting of our garden boxes and also has started a blog for the neighborhood has come up with some cute names at our garden. She is painting signs for everyone on weathered wood and nailing to the side of the box. Here are some she has come up with - she has used either the first or last name in the sign. Bone Yard - Ramsey's Roost, Clay's Dirt - Major Dirt - there are a lot more but I can't think of them. Mine is just Charlotte's Spot.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

We did a cross post Elaine. Those are cute.

I did make a new wreath to go on DH workshop door yesterday. I try to keep something on the door and the one I had on it fell apart. I found this mesh stuff on sale at a florist for 4.99. It was marked 19.99. Then went to the Dollar store and bought gloves, etc to put on it. Still need to do a little tweaking.

Thumbnail by cperdue
Northeast, LA(Zone 8a)

Thank you Elaine I came up with some of those too in my looking
I think I may do the
I Dig Gardening. and Bloom Where You Are Planted.
saying I always wanted to paint on a plaque and put in my garden is
1. We are born of this earth and when we die we return to this earth
but in between we garden.
2. 'I cleanse my soul by 'washing' my hands in the soil'.
3. Aroma therapy... dirt, flowers, garden!

I found this cute poem in my search I had never come across it before

Good Morning glory, what's the Four O'clock news?
Johnny jump-up lost his shoes.
Black-eyed Susan has her eye on you!
And the Tulips want a kiss or two.
Iris just wants Rose to know,
Sweet William is her favorite beau.
Busy Lizzie took her Butcher's broom and chased the Cattails round the room.
Poor Weeping Willow isn't feeling well,
And Hollyhocked her Chimney Bell.
Yesterday Daisy cut off Aaron's Beard.
Then whispered, "Forget-me-not," in Elephant's Ear.
Today a Texas Ranger knocked at my door,
Creeping Jenny found a Naked Lady lying on the floor.
Tomorrow, who knows what gossip there'll be,
The flowers are from such a large family.
Let's talk again soon.
Good Day Lily!

Charlotte love the wreath. I wish I were more talented at doing wreaths.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

cute wreath Charlotte!

Cindy, your flowers are beautiful. i love that short phlox, but then I just really like phlox! I can't believe you are getting even more rain!

Friends, I am once again asking for your help with prayer. As you all know, Alex has really been struggling in med school and today he has a HUGE test....followed by a big national test on Tuesday. Actually he has two tests today.... His first one just started at 10....... will probably last 2 - 3 hours. The second one starts at 3 pm - so if ya'll could please just lift him up in prayer. I know that many of you helped me pray his thru his MCAT and interview....and this test he is taking today is like 40% of the course grade in this particular course. He REALLY needs a good grade on it!! I would greatly appreciate the help!

Sandra, so glad to hear that Heather is doing ok! That is a LOT of blood to lose.... Justin sure looks bigger in the photos - guess it is just the angle! He sure appears to be healthy ...hope you get to start spoiling him soon!!

Hope everyone has a blessed day..... headed to a track meet this afternoon, and I am off work tomorrow. WOuld love to spend the day working in my yard, but I have been trying for months to find a day when Jessica and I could go look at different types of cars to see what she likes and what we can afford for her to take to college. I dread spending the day at car dealerships because they ALWAYS frustrate me so much!! But, we just never seem to have any time, and it is such a slow process - so we are going to try that tomorrow.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

Cindy - we cross posted.... love your sayings.....

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

My grandson at college does not have a car at school and it sure makes me feel better and I'm sure his parents feel the same way!!! His school is in the middle of downtown San Jose and there is very limited parking and what parking is available is very, very expensive. So none of his friends have cars at school either. They use public transportation to get around. He even uses public transportation to go home. Public transportation is free to all students at the college. He just has to show his id. To go home he catches a bus from the school to the commuter train. Then rides a train home.
He is really going to have a great room set up next year. He is having to move to another dorm because they are going to be renovating the one he is in. He will have what actually amounts to an apartment in the dorm. He and 3 other boys will be suite mates. They will have 4 private bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. The bedrooms are centered around a common living area for the 4 of them. The living area has a full kitchen - stove, ref, dishwasher, etc. He and his best friends have picked two other boys they know real well.

North Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

Poor Alex...med school is very tough! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Okay, I have a couple of sayings...
I am so excited about spring that I wet my plants.
I am holding on by the seed of my plants.
What this country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds...Will Rogers
All gardens are a form of autobiography...Robert Dash

The last two sayings I got from the book "The Gardner's Guide to Life." I read it often!

Laceys Spring, AL(Zone 7a)

Those are cute sayings too, Cindy! Really love your flowers.

Charlote, love your wreath! You could go into business selling those in your booth!

Prayers for Alex, Genna. And hope y'all are successful finding a car. My friend at work just found one for her really tall son! They got a 2002 Volvo for him. Needs a little minor work (timing belt and tune-up) but it was the one of the only things he could fit into and that they felt he'd be safe in. He'll be taking it to college too in a couple of years.

Camden, AR(Zone 8a)

That would be nice - but you know south arkansas doesn't have public transportation! Of course, if worse comes to worse, she could ride with Kyle. But of course, she thinks she needs her own vehicle! :) Her car she is driving now stays in the shop fairly often so i doubt it would hold up to much extended out of town driving.... has quite a few miles on it. We may not do anything until we see where we stand on scholarships. But this has been such a crappy year for her, that IF we can figure out what she wants, and if it is in our price range, we might try to surprise her with it at graduation! I know she isn't expecting anything until August because that is when the boys got their vehicles, plus she knows we have to get the college paid for first! But, it is just something I would like to try to do ....not sure if it will happen. Thankfully Leigh got his car paid off last month, and so that will help in taking on another payment!

The dorm sounds awesome for next year! As a senior, Natalie has a dorm similar to that in the new dorms at OBU - with a private bedroom, there are 4 bedrooms, but if I remember correctly there are only 2 bathrooms....and they have a small kitchenette area but no stove or anything. A full kitchen would be great! That is one reason Alex moved into the on campus apartments as soon as he got the chance because he wanted to be able to fix his own meals instead of eating in the cafeteria.

Kyle is changing room mates next year....... will be rooming with a boy he met at Boy's State that is playing football at OBU. Had planned to room with him this year, but the other boy had to room with another player.....this coming year he doesn't have to do so.

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

They got a car for Jake to drive when he was in high school. But they never called it his car "family" car. DIL is very particular about safety features. She will not let them have a car that is older than a 2006. Supposedly that is the year they changed safety standards and she doesn't feel cars older than that are as safe! They found a 2006 Honda CRV for him. That's why Jeff wanted to keep his dad's car. It is a 2007 Toyota with only 49,000 miles and fits her safety standards! LOL That will give the twins each a car to drive to school next year. They cannot drive with any other kid in the car with them until they are 17. So technically the two of them could not drive in one car to school together as they are twins and the same age. Problem solved!

Ripley, MS

I love that first iris, Cindy! I planted my tomatoes this morning and then mowed the yard, I was worried if I would be able to mow, but I made it fine pushing the mower! It sprinkled a little on me and came a nice little shower just as I finished mowing.

There is a saying that I would have to use if I were putting a sign in my beds, FREE WEEDS, PICK YOUR OWN !

Little Rock, AR(Zone 7b)

I have to share this quote from an old high school friend of mine who is also a gardener.

"If you want happiness for an hour or so --get Drunk!- If you want happiness for a year-Fall in Love!!- But if you want Happiness forever-Plant a Garden!"

Sandra I've been using the edger like the one you also got. I love it! I wish I had know about it earlier. I'm trying to get my front bed edged and more weeds out. I also need to mow. I have so much that needs to be done not sure where to start. But I decided to concentrate on the front first and get it whipped into shape and then move to the back!

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