Note to Dave's Garden web. "Spring Special Blueberry" order

Warren, MI

I asked the order operator specifically if "plants" meant dry root or potted. She said potted. What I received was less than 4 inch long rooted cuttings with a few anemic dessicated "branch or 2"; in a 6x6" flat plastic bag with less than 1/2 c. dry ground spagnum moss. NOT EXACTLY WHAT WAS EXPECTED... actually I expected just such a rip off....time will tell if they grow in 5 or 6 years into viable berry producing plants.... I'm a master gardener (Michigan State University's Land Grant Cooperative Extention Service Trained).... so the pathetic things will have every chance to grow that is humanly possible.

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Grosse Pointe Shores, MI(Zone 6a)

Belle, if you get those poor things to bear fruit in 5 or 6 years, I will be very impressed indeed! It's taken me nearly that long starting with plants much larger than yours.

I started experimenting with blueberries 3 or 4 years ago, with a couple in containers. For the first time, the Northland is loaded with buds, but the Blueray is still a collection of sticks.

Then in 2010, we planted 10 plants along the side of our house. They arrived in gallon pots. Last summer my peak harvest day was 11 berries from the three bushes that had any berries! This year they are all full of buds...I am very excited!

I will look forward to reading about your efforts with your babies!

Aurora, CO

Yes, I had a similar experience with online ordering from summerstone nursery in TN. Poor quality, small plants that will take years to fruit. There`s no review option on their website so unfortunately the only feedback I could give was a customer service email which didn`t get a reply. Now I only order from sites that offer customer reviews for each product. Peaceful Valley is a favorite. My raspberry canes were healthy, nice root balls and carefully packaged. Good luck with your little plants!

New Orleans, LA(Zone 9a)

Earlier this year, I was searching for blackberry plants. Since I had never purchased these before, I came across a lot of seller that I didn't know. I thought I had settled upon one vendor until I did a quick lookup in The Garden Watchdog. The reviews were terrible!! Fortunately, I found a vendor with the variety I wanted and had good reviews. My little blackberries are growing quite well now.

Thanks to everyone here who gives reviews in The Garden Watchdog!!

Warren, MI

It's Aug. One plant has survived, barely and of the 12 tiny leaves 3 are still green, 3 mostly green, 3 partly green, 3 are dry brown. Thanks for the comment, good wishes, and Garden Watchdog info, other info etc.

St. Louis, MO(Zone 6a)

Belle - Which vendor did you buy these from? Also, if you haven't yet, you should leave your own comment on Garden Watchdog so others will know what they're shipping out.

I hope they make it for you!!

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