How I Graft - success with my Multi-Apple Project

Needville, TX(Zone 9a)

I bought this Mollie's Delicious apple at the local grocery store. It had pretty good angles to the limbs, so I chose it to be a grafting project. I went to the Tx rare fruit growers scion exchange and picked out some apple scions. I grafted 5 varieties Ginger Gold, Mutsu/Crispin, Tompkins County King, King David and Calville Blanc. I am so surprised that all 5 seem to have taken. I give all the credit to my great little grafting tool from Lee Valley.,47236&p=64798

I also created a webpage showing how I do my grafts.

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Wake Forest, NC(Zone 7b)

Congratulations on your successes!

That grafting tool looks like something even I could use. I've tried to graft using a sharp pocket knife a few times with no success.

I will save the web page for future use in case I move back to FL.


Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

Any suggestions on what stage the buds should be at? I have a problem in that my source of grafts is 25 miles away, can be up to 2 weeks ahead of the tree in my yard I want to graft to.

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