April Showers...

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

We came from here http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/t/1244831/

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

I wanted to include a picture with the first post but I am having trouble getting any pictures to post at DG.

Thumbnail by CajuninKy
Bentonville, AR

I have been having trouble posting pics on here this week, too. Hmmm. Thanks for the new thread. And love that pic

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

It is some kind of cherry tree. I took that while walking around in town while waiting for DH to get out of the HBO chamber at the hospital.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

I am trying to get ready for my comminity seed swap tomorrow. Does anybody know if strophostyles helvola, aka pink fuzzy bean, is edible?

Dayton, TX(Zone 8b)

Thanks for the new thread Cajun. Such a pretty cherry tree!
I've never heard of the pink fuzzy bean. I'll have to look that up. Hope your seed swap was a success, and fun! I'm going to another plant swap in a couple of weeks. Taking all my 'extra' plants that I Winter sowed and those I started for the veggie garden. For some reason, I seem to have a lot, especially tomatoes.

Wishing you all a Blessed Easter.

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

Happy Easter.

Life is the same around here. I guess everything isn't the same. I have a huge gopher rat stealing my chicken eggs.
The chickens were producing eggs like crazy and then all of a sudden I was only getting a few per day. Then hubby spotted a huge rat in the hen house. It could be a snake too but we haven't seen one. Last year we killed 3 snakes that were eating the eggs. I inspect the nesting box before I stick my fingers in there.
Still working on the house construction. Mostly exterior cosmetics right now

Cajun. That is a pretty cherry tree. My husbands Saturn peach bloomed several weeks ago and it's blooms look like cherry blooms. Nice and pink. The tree is loaded with little peaches right now. The pears bloomed at the same time and loaded . The apples just got through blooming. The dewberries are loaded, the blackberries are still blooming and the blueberries are loaded.. I been harvesting strawberries. It won't be long and the scuppernongs and muskedines will be blooming. I love Spring.

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Ok if I join back in? Missed you all!

I know it's no excuse for not checking in, but been busy with wrapping up the CSA, closing up the farm, setting up a new house, taking lots of road trips, the holidays and lots of grandkid's birthdays, spring gardening which started really early for me this year so I could do a couple of container gardening presentations for my Master Gardening group, learning (about how to) and starting a blog, major computer problems, etc. You know...life...

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Glad to see you back. Did you quit the farm? Where's the new house?

Caneyville, KY(Zone 6b)

Still have the farm, but on the road with hubby, south of Charlotte right now. His daughter and her girls are an hour and a half away, so we've spend a lot of time with them. We rented a little ground floor apartment with a big back yard for our dog. Not doing the CSA this year. Too much for me to do by myself and Al wouldn't be able to be home this summer. Doing a container garden this year and it's doing fantastic. There's even a couple of small zucchini coming in already. Love the weather here! Will post some pictures soon.

Finally took my computer in for repair a couple of weeks ago. Had 3 viruses and 233 infections. No wonder I was having so many problems. LOL Still need to get the built-in keyboard replaced, but using an external one for now.

I need to go back and read the other monthly threads to catch up on what everyone is doing....

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

msrobin!!! So glad to hear from you. You don't know how often I have thought of you. And how often I tell epople about your CSA adventures. I finally made myself a hoop house thanks to your encouragement. It will help to extend my season in the fall. What has become of your hens?

Dayton, TX(Zone 8b)

Hi Robin!! I too had been wondering where you went. Glad to hear life is being good to you. Keeping busy is suppose to help keep you young. Very cool that your zucchini are producing already. I noticed when I watered earlier, some of our bush beans are blooming already. I'm very excited about the garden this year.

Anyone heard from Nik? Been wondering what is happening with him too.

I just got some good news yesterday. Our youngest son, and his wife, told us they were expecting again. It was our 'Easter surprise', and it was that. lol Our grands are all 18 and 20 something. So we were shocked a couple of years ago when the kids started having more!! We now have two that are 2 years old, and now another one on the way.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Robin, you might look into organizations like these for next year...

attra.ncat.org has a sustainable farm internship/ apprenticeship job board

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Congrats TX!! That is good news. I have been missing Nik too. Hope he's just busy.

I am seeding some white diamond pepper seeds. I hope they are sweet peppers. Got to get some eggplants done today too. I have small berries on my strawberries. Excited about that. Been having to cover them the last few nights.

We had the vet out yesterday to do coggins and health papers on the horses. Got the farrier coming out Saturday morning to shoe 2 of the mares and trim the colt. I cooked some deer spaghetti sauce to freeze and take with us. Vacation is really coming together!!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

hi folks
i lost you guys
good to see you msrobyn
Cajun i have never heard of white diamond peppers ?
i have the GH full of small peppers, tomato's, salad mixes, sunflowers , eggplant, herbs and some new stuff i m trying.
Chinese lantern ?
i never did get the ghost chilli :( they were back ordered...
Cajun what is coggins ? sounds like your busy. oh and deer spagetti sauce ! yummmo
darius how is the cheese making going ?
TXbaby wow congrats on the new arrival of a grandbaby woohooo.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Caj, I guess I missed seeing that you have a vacation planned. Hope it's a safe and happy trip!

Sue, I haven't made cheese this year. Finances have been very tight since my sis got fired Jan. 10. It's pretty pitiful to say I don't have the money for milk... I'm just thankful I have no kids at home!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

i know the feeling. our budget is getting tighter . Tim with no work .
i m cleaning houses to help out and selling eggs LOL
if i can figure out what sex my turkeys are i can sell off the ones i don't need .
well i sure hope things start to look up.
we have a freeze tonight. again. and tomorrow also. :(

Dayton, TX(Zone 8b)

I've never heard of white diamond peppers either. I learn the most interesting things from you all!

Sounds like I'm not the only one feeling a financial pinch right now. Hang in there guys!! Our gardens will start coming in soon, so at least we won't go hungry. lol

I fixed some fresh trout our son brought us on Easter, for tonight's dinner. Sauteed some fresh out of the garden kale, along with some sliced onions. It was so good! Wish we could get down to the lake, or go down to the Gulf and do some fishing. It would be great to put some fish in the freezer.

The only thing I dislike about this time of year is trying to keep things watered. Those seedlings dry out, and we can kiss those plants goodbye! We are in the mid to upper 80's during the day, and down to the mid 60's at night, so things are taking a lot of water. No time to go fishing, or much of anything else. And I can not believe how many mosquitoes and biting flies there are! We have gone through 3 and 1/2 cans of Deep Woods Off in the last 2 weeks.....Sure wish I could come up with a better solution that works!

Bentonville, AR

Oh tx, I love fresh trout!

The bugs are absolutely awful this year, I am definitely going to have to get some guineas for the ticks and bugs!

Well, today, we trimmed the chickens wings. One of the roos has started flying to the top of the coop so it was a matter of time till he flew out of the yard. So, after watching several videos on youtube and reading several pages, my friend and I plunged in.

One of the white pullets has decided it is a duck and won't roost with the chicks. And my black duck which may or may not be a runner roosts in the coop with the chicks. Crazybirds! But the polish bantams are so funny to watch. I love to just sit and watch them all do theirthing.

I'm kind of at a standstill. Myback and neck has been bothering me for a couple weeks and I couldn't take it any more so I went to the chiropractor today. The verdict, I have 7 slipped discs. All the way from the top 2 down. Soooooooo I am resting and hoping :)

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I get out of alignment (C-5) occasionally. Usually takes 2-3 times of popping it back in place for it to stay. Hope you have better success.

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

Angi, hope you slip back in place and start feeling better.
I don't have slipped disc but my spine is curved and shaped like this ( due to auto accident. They had to straighten me up "some" so I could walk. The curve caused pressure and soreness. The xrays showed some of the pain was arthritis. After 8 adjustments I was feeling better and stopped seeing the chiropractor. She wanted me to come in every 2 wks for a year. With no insurance, that was a no can do.

Speaking of Turkeys. I have never seen my turkeys mate but I do watch Mr Tom do his dance every day. My hen turkey has decided to set her nest. She is there all the time. I hope the eggs are fertile. Do they know if their eggs are fertile or not? I would hate to know a bird would set their eggs if they had not been ---well----you know. active. I am excited about the hen deciding it's time to have babies. I raised her and the tom up from babies. Now my babies are gonna have babies. SWEET. We were about to expand their coop and give them some roaming room but now I am afraid to disturb the hen. I have to cut a door into the tin wall for a door into the running pen and I don't want to upset the hen. hmmmmmm.

Fishing= that is so boring. I could never sit still long enough to go fishing. I would go stir crazy. (been there, done that)

Bugs= So far the only problem I have is fleas. I need to spray the yard with something. I put drops on the doggies but that isn't enough control this year. It's like a plague. A week after I put drops on the dogs, they were scratching like I never treated them. (frontline). The vet suggested alternating the brand of treatment that I use also. Like all bugs, fleas become immune to the poison if it is used over and over. OH and did you know there are several different types of fleas? I was in shock with this one. There is the rat flea, the cat flea, the dog flea, and a few others. The rat flea shocked me. I just thought they were all one flea and I never thought about rats having fleas. When the dogs ran free they would hunt down the field mice and have a hay day. When the mice die , the fleas jump on the dogs. etc........same with the cat. Gosh gee golly. Then you have the problem of killing each different type of flea. Now think about this, if you have mice in your house, then you have their fleas in your walls too. I don't have mice yet cause I don't have insulated walls yet......but gosh.......how in the world does one control that problems before it ever starts?

Grand Saline, TX(Zone 7b)

Robin, good to see you!

Working like a mule here, hauling wood chips day in, and day out. Barely have half the garden covered.

Sue, do you still want ghost peppers? My brother gave me some seeds packaged as 'Bhut Jolokia', he called them ghost peppers. I think these are the same???
I have no need for anything THAT hot. Your welcome to them, if you still need them.

Richmond, TX

I don't know about turkeys but my chickens will try to hatch golf balls so they certainly have no clue about fertility.
As for the fleas - good luck! However I find Advantage works better here than Frontline.

Bentonville, AR

I have heard patchouli works for fleas. I have a friend who wears by it and honestly her dogs run all over the place and no fleas!

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

Lost 150 tomato starts to the frost. have 150 more under cover & covered the strawberry patch - they are bloomed out. It would be nice to have strawberries.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Dyson, I'm thankful I didn't start anything like tomatoes yet. Some things in the yard have tiny fruits, like the Nanking cherries and 1 or 2 blueberries. Might lose them tonight. sigh.

I planted rhubarb 4 years ago but have never cut any, mainly because I didn't grow up with rhubarb so it's a bit foreign to me. I decided it's time, though. I cut about 20 long stalks off just one plant, 4.5 pounds, and cooked down some rhubarb bbq sauce today. I ended up canning 10 half pint jars. I have to say it's mighty tasty!

I have 2 more rhubarb plants that can be harvested, and plans for some rhubarb chutney and some vanilla bean-rhubarb jam. If there's enough rhubarb I might make a batch of turnovers too. Straw-rhubarb is a great combination but my few strawberry plants are just beginning to flower... and the hard freeze predicted tonight will likely kill them.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

yes cocoa yes that would be nice thank you. Bhut Jolkia is the same pepper. thank you so much. please let me know what shipping is as i will pay for that and what ever you want to charge me for the seeds . :)
darius sure hope the strawberrys make it.
look into rhubarb crisp ? i saw it in my seed catolog.
Cricket yep i agree fishing = boring me to tears LOL don't like it . can't do it.
Dyson sorry to hear of the tomato loss. its a tough year .
i m hoping my dragon salad mix lives. ?
pork LOL to funny on the golf balls.
how does one know if there turkey is a boy or girl ? at what age can you tell ?

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

I don't know about sexing turkeys, or anything else about turkeys. BUT, one of the funniest things I've ever read is the chapter in "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver where she recounts their turkey's distress.

I won't tell you about the story, you need to read the book anyway, even if It means a library loan. It's a book well worth reading if you have any interest in sustainability.

Biggs, KY(Zone 6a)

Dyson, so sorry about your losses. I have my strawberries covered for the last few nights and likely for the next few nights also. Everything else is cold hardy. the rest of my stuff is still small and inside.

MaryE sent me some rhubarb. It did well for a couple years. I was looking forward to harvesting it but I lost it after we moved here. :(

I prefer catching to fishing but my Momma likes both. She can sit all day and not get a bite and still think she has had a good day. If I don't get a bite by the time my hook hits the bottom, I'm ready to move and find the fish.

Sue, I grew the ghost pepper one year and actually over wintered it to bear a second year. They say the peppers are hotter the second year. My DH, who LOVES hot food, could not eat it.

We use sevin dust on our dogs for fleas. I sprinkle it in the yard, in their houses and on them. Works great. But it will kill cats.

Rocky Mount, VA(Zone 7a)

I put a tarp over the strawberries hoping that does the trick. The tomatoes that I lost were started from seed purchased from the seed savers exchange cannot get those at Lowe's or Walmart - so will have to wait until next season to try them again.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

i was going to do a display at the nursery. using the pepper. i just thought it would be a fun thing for people to see and learn about the peppers.
sure is cold down to 32 brrrr this is the 4 th day in a row. not good news for the apple orchard i work at in fall. His tree's are in full bloom. sure hope minimal damage

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

23 here. I will have a mushy yard, especially the hostas, when it warms up.

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

I don't know what surrived around here yet. Too early. I covered a lot of stuff. Forgot other stuff. I was tired and my brain went blank yesterday evening. One weather report said we would get a heavy frost, one said light frost, one said no frost. What was I suppose to do with that report?

Cajun.....I decided last night that I would treat the yard with seven dust. My dad use to throw seven dust on the yard, the animals including the cats, and the inside the house on a Sunday and we would have to clean house when we got home from church. Problem is finding the powder. All I see in stock is the liquid. I am sure the feed and seed company will have the powder but they are closed by the time I am able to leave the house. errr I don't want to put it on the dogs. One of the little dogs sleeps at the foot of our bed. Her name is Foxy cause she looks like a fox. Half Pomeranian and half Chihuahua. Cuties little brat dog in the neighbor hood. Long legged , medium length hair, pointed furry ears and a curly tail.

Angi, what is patchouli?

Thumbnail by CricketsGarden
Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

oh turkeys....... um my turkeys were about 11 weeks old when I noticed the tom developing more blue and red around his neck area close to his head. That is how I knew he was a tom. Then I had put a rooster in the pen next to him and he started puffing up his feathers and spreading out his tail showing his dominance- territory....
I love to watch the tom turkey. When he starts doing his dance, his neck swells up, and that thing? on top of his nose starts stretching out very long.................. ;). When he calms down it shrinks back to nothing. Funny= huh!

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Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

We did get a light frost. Most everything survived caused I covered it. I forgot to cover a few things. Only time will tell if they are damaged.
Yesterday I picked a colander of strawberries and dehydrated them. This morning I put them in a quart jar. It was almost full.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

Ack! My sis came and awakened me about midnight last night, with no running water in the house. I got the main shut off at the street, but it was making a strange noise like it might burst, so I had to call the emergency number for the water department (via the Sheriff's Dept). Finally a guy came out to check it. It's not a problem with the main, but rather here at the house where there's a leak like Niagara Falls where the water comes in from the street. Got the new water heater cut off too so we don't burn it up.

So we have no water. Probably won't be able to get a plumber out before sometime late Monday or possibly even Tuesday. I can fill buckets from the spring to flush, and we use bottled drinking water since the county switched from chlorine to the cheaper chloramine (where the chlorine smell/taste never goes away).

Strangely enough, I've called some plumbers in the last week for an estimate to replace ALL the water pipes in the whole house (central trailer with stick-built additions around it), because I am sick and tired of leaks. Only 1 has showed up so far, and he wants $750/day (for one man, no helper) plus parts; thinks it will take at least 2 days, maybe three. That's really high wages in a poverty-stricken area, plus he works 40 hours/week for UPS. Several more plumbers to contact, though.

Grand Saline, TX(Zone 7b)

Pffffttt...For heaven's sake, 750.00 day! I'm thinking he really doesn't need the work.

I hope you can get it running soon, we often have breaks, go without water for days. Those are the days I really, really, really want a shower or bath.lol I don't appreciate it enough, till it's gone.

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

LOL, I really NEED a shower right now after some yard work, just a "sponge bath" doesn't cut it!

Leesburg, VA(Zone 7a)

Darius could you scoot down to the creek and take a quick bath there? I know it would be cold, but I've done it in Utah and you will at least get clean. Albeit a little chilly, but clean. :0)

So.App.Mtns., United States(Zone 5b)

LOL, yes I could... but I also have a pump in the spring so I actually have water available outside, just not readily, nor suitable for drinking unless I boil it. I'm thinking it would be nice to have a cattle water tank that is solar-heated!

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