How to recover a hoya shocked from moving

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

I'm helping a friend who's very old hoya (used to be her grandmothers) got very shocked when she moved. She said it was looking great, but after the move, it lost a lot of leaves and is now looking very "leggy". Kinda looks like a pothos that has never been trimmed back.
She did repot it, so it has good soil (yes, I realize this was another shock for the plant). It's now inside as greenhouse, next to a pond, so the humidity is good and light isn't too high.
I'm assuming I should trim it back and will root some cuttings in case this one doesn't recover.
Should I use diluted fertilizer, and if so, what kind? I was thinking about a fert used when you transplant. which helps the plant through transition.
I looked for a thread that addresses this, but didn't find one.
Thanks for any help.

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