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Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

I am composing a letter to Earthbox this morning. I've been a loyal customer ever since Tplant introduced the EB's to me, I believe it would have been 2005. I have 24 full size, 1 Jr, watering system for 20 and several staking systems. I purchase covers twice a year and have even given EB's for gifts on several occasions.

Our issue is the watering system, we love it...when it works! The sensors are horrible and break often and without notice so unless I check several times a day I can come out to severely thirsty and wilting plants when one malfunctions. I'd rather not promote more stress than necessary since my main crop consist of tomatoes. I've spoken with EB several times and never really resolved the issue but this season we have at least 6 that have stopped working and at 15.00 plus shipping each to replace I refuse to continue to pay for a defective product. While I love EB's and would like to have more, with this type of customer service I am seriously rethinking my loyalty. I can produce my own re-usable covers and several other EB type products are now available so unless they resolve my issue then I will have to evaluate the feasibility of doing business with them again.

Has anyone had dealings with the CS dept of Earthbox? Any hints, tips or suggestions?



Auburn, AL(Zone 8a)

Found the correct person to speak with and he was great in helping us solved the problem!

Nauvoo, AL(Zone 7a)

Glad you solved the problem.
You might be able to get future help with issues on the facebook page too. And the earthbox forum website.

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