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Can anyone assist with an ID please

Mountain View, HI

Bloom is about 6 inches in diameter, green throat with very light red flecks on the inside of petals. I know its not Apple Blossom.

I really appreciate your help.



Thumbnail by microb
Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

I saw this in a garden centre recently and would love to know the name too!

Mountain View, HI

Thank you kniphofia. Small world - living over here in Hawaii you weren't to know my roots are in England. Born in Essex, family now lives in Cambridgeshire. Where is Ashington.
We live in a cool forested area of the Big Island of Hawaii, strangely enough probably Zone 8 or 9. Got a Dahlia to bloom and Gladioli showing hopeful signs of blooming alongside orchids, heliconias and Bromeliads.

Morpeth, United Kingdom(Zone 8a)

Hi Mike! Small world indeed. I'm in Northumberland. Think I'd rather be in Hawaii right now! It sounds wonderful. Bet you can grow Hippeastrums outdoors too :)

Here's my photo of this bulb.


Thumbnail by kniphofia
Mountain View, HI

That's amazing Sue, its just a duplicate of the one I have. I even googled white Amaryllis on the internet and could not find one exactly the same.

Maybe one of the "experts" at the garden center could ID it.Or they could ask their supplier. Did you buy one?

Yes, some folks do have Amaryllis outside in the yard. I grow mine in a greenhouse (about 70 pots) so that I can control the watering. We get 150 inches of rain a year. Then we bring them indoors for table decoration. See photo of our version of a greenhouse.

Thumbnail by microb
Palm Coast, FL(Zone 9a)

One possible ID would be Mont Blanc. The flower is white with a green throat and varying amounts of pink flecks. Go to the plant files under Mont Blanc, look at my two photos. One has a lot of pink, one has just a tiny bit of pink. I've grown other white cultivars that also showed a trace of pink: It almost seems like a throwback to an ancestor. That why I posted both photos of Mont Blanc to show the wide variation. Look at this as being just another roadblock to trying to ID unknown blooms.

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