Rain chain

Milwaukee, WI

looking for any ideas on making my
own rain chain. pro's & con's of using
rain chains would be appreciated also.

Englewood, FL

Light rains I guess it would work OK, in a downpour it would be fun to watch. My sister uses one to guide the water from the a/c on top of her RV to the ground, it's just a piece of heavy string with a weight tied to the bottom end.Works for her.

Chariton, IA

I just made one for the heck of it and to get water away from the wall of my house
I just simple used ring binders that open doubled the links and it is about 6 ft long used an old
coat hanger to hang it up.
You can use any size rings that are readily available at an office supply store
Good luck and if I can help just holler

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