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Victoria Harbour, ON

Thought I would move us over .....

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we are all thinking gardening, trying to get ahead of the game even though it's only early April, let's stop and smell the roses..ohhhh that's why we are working so hard, need to get those gardens in shape so WE CAN smell the roses

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I'm First?!?! wow

stony mountain, MB(Zone 3a)

hi gals ! i'm second !!!
hope everyone had a wonderful week-end..the weather sure turned for us..temps in the minus and overnite snow. expecting cool temps till mid week then should go up again.
tomatos are growing like mad..don't fit under the lights anymore. started potting them up,
can't do many at a time, lots of pain mid back right now. have heard lyrica may help.
saw your post carol, thank you for the wonderful offer, hubby told me last night he's working on a box in the shop. feels he should do something.
i've read all of the experiences with lilacs, it'll sure help with me choosing one.
another thought is a dwarf on a standard stem. have to check that out too.
cheers L

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

OK I'm third.
Susan, Bamfield is a research station on the west side of Vancouver Island , quite out of the way. We flew to Comox then bused for 4.5 hrs , through the Cathedreal (sp) Forest for a quick stop, before we arrived. Everything was uphill. Where ever we walked was UP of course there were downs too. 37 Grade 9 girls ,2 teachers and 3 Moms were there. AMAZING place.

Will be putting my started plants out to the G house on Wednesday. I can't believe it's almost here I don't want to say the S word incase I jinx it.
Alberta Ann


Very nice, Ann - bet you're sore from all that walking Uphill lol

stony mountain, MB(Zone 3a)

ladies....it's spring
i'm so excited
i wet my plants

Victoria Harbour, ON

LOL, just burst out laughing..

Cold here today also, brrrr, think it's because of the wind!!
was going back in 2007 threads..this brought a smile

one of my gardens in 2007 then same area in 2011

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LOL Lindy!! My DH said "cutey, cutey, cutey" LOL


Betty - the transformation of this garden area is truly amazing and wonderful - I would Love to visit you and sit quietly in it, sometime.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

HAaaaaaaaaLLLLLllllllOOOooooooooo ^_^

Headache is gone .. good riddance .. when one is not used to them they really make you feel crummy.

Ann .. your trip sounds wonderful .. must have been flowers in bloom ?

Betty, your secret garden is awesome .. I remember you placing those walking stones ..

We had 'snow fluffies' off an on today .. cold here .. but double digit temps by Thursday ..

Thanks for the move


Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

Big transition, Betty.

I don't think I showed you the Easter pics. The Vancouver crew -

and the twins - this might have been Saturday - the day before their birthday.

We head out to Vancouver on Saturday for a short visit. I'll wave as we go over Calgary to all of you out there.

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Omg Viola how they have grown..and look at the little one..
It's wonderful that get get to visit from time to time..think too many times grandparents are on the losing end!

Enjoy Vancouver visit..

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Lovely pics Viola .. growing up fast !!

Grandson's BDay dinner was great .. I didn't have to cook, and the restaurant was more than happy to serve the cake I had brought.

Physio today and tomorrow, don't know how much longer I'm going to keep going .. it helps the hip somewhat, and I feel I have a bit better range of motion .. but it seems to have plateaued.
My cousin was there today as well .. another nurse .. it's her shoulder she's having problem with ..

Beautiful sunny days here, but sadly brisk NW winds make the temps quite cool ..

Off to have the Income Taxes done tomorrow .. hate to pay the $$, but, I also hate making myself crazy trying to do it myself !!



Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Missed the move over.
Had a nice weekend. a neighbor came over on Sat to walk a dog and went along with another - just around the block for me but I have picked up a bit more on other days - just take one dog each time, the others get a bit ticked when they have to stay home! Fortunately they are all seniors and none of them walk fast. Sunday dinner at a neighbors- he does all the cooking and loves to experiment. I could not enjoy the grain salad he made although all others did but I was able to eat a reasonable amount of ham, scalloped potatoes and veggies and a bit of angel food cake with lemon filling and strawberries for dessert. I do love scalloped potatoes - was thinking of making some but not sure if would be able to eat, now I know, Discovered recently also hamburger is good and pork sausages! So that is a new part of the diet!

Last chemo of 5th cycle yesterday, one cycle to go and next week is free. Garden show this weekend - I may have overextended myself, working two hours each at two booths( Peony and Lougheed House) on Sat and a 2 1/2 hour shift at membership booth on Sunday - I can sit at all jobs so that is a plus. Have to get down to LH to pick up my costume as I need to wear it on Sat. And if I get tired looking they will send me home! I do enjoy this show because one gets to talk to lot of people especially in the membership booth.

I took my camera to hospital with me yesterday and asked somebody to take a pic and the battery was dead! It does not seem to hold a charge for long, maybe it is time for a new ( and expensive) one.

Supposed to have rain for a few days, hope it stops before Tuesday, a friend is coming over to help and we will work on the beds facing south, have loads of bulbs coming up and a lot of the little ones in flower. Several of the peonies on the south side of the house are up a few inches.

I have 3 tomatoes in the back porch brought to me, all cherry type, two unfortunately indeterminant so will be big and very leggy already, planted about the bottom 10 inches in deep pots and hope they will do OK, the porch faces east so lots of light but not really sufficient to keep these bushy when they did not start that way Got all the plugs under lights in the basement. Yesterday Cdn Tire had nice small pots of geraniums for $1.49 so I bought a dozen and put them under the lights too. Unfortunately I cannot put the tomatoes there as they are already too high.

Looking for ward to my "week off". Have to start getting back into old habits like walking the dogs every morning!

Victoria Harbour, ON

morning all, cold earlier in the day but warming up..tomorrow is suppose to be the best of the week. Have a dr's appt at 9:15 a.m. and should be back by 10:30 which leaves most of the day to play in the gardens.

Oooh, wonder if geraniums are on sale at our Canadian Tire..want to see if they have shrubs so will take a run at lunch. Often they have canvas tops for gazebo and am hoping one will fit mine, sun sure takes a toll on rotting canvas. It is either a new top or new gazebo.. you have such luck with pre-starting your plants..it's a knack for sure.

Carol, meals are always so much more when someone else does the cooking.

Think Toronto is having a big gardening show, would love to go but hate the 2 hr. drive each way and I think I'd be wanting everything I see. Just purchased a metal art piece..3 canada geese on a balancing arm set on a 10' -12' pole..it's weighed with a rock and at the slightest of breeze it looks as though the geese are flying. Was told the fabricator will have it done by the 18th or so, looking forward to it, just have to see where around the pond it shall go.

Do you have rechargeable batteries in your camera? I find it much less expensive since I put $$ into a charger and rechargeable batteries.

Glad you have some time off to enjoy

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Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Betty love the geese! Always seem to see things like that at the gdn show that I like but either too expensive or I don't think I have a suitable place. Have always wanted a pair of herons but don't have a pond so don';t think they would fit!

My camera has a special battery and charger. Would actually be easier if it used regular batteries!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Sometimes it's for the best to have a cheaper camera using rechargeables..think I bought my camera at xs cargo, reg. 149.99 for 59.99 works like a charm.

Geese were $299.99 at the store, but fabricator is venturing out on his own, doing sales in high end cottage area and cost will double..mine came from last order he is taking at the garden center.


you have XSCargo there, too, eh Betty - good place.
Bob got mine a couple of years ago at Blacks. It needs replaceable batteries, so I just make sure I valid extras with me.

btw - with all the pain and sorrow in the world, it's nice to hear about this miracle baby:

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Betty check out this site: http://waterworksgardenart.com/ I have coveted one of this guyys fountains for years, he is usually at the garden show but it seems the ones I like best are well out of my price range! On the other hand .....maybe this is the year- I will know this weekend.

Raining here - for the next couple of days apparently we sure do need the moisture.

Victoria Harbour, ON

Love the garden gates...bought a book several years ago with patterns to incorporate copper piping and stained glass..quite the works of dart

Susan, goes to show you, miracles do happen..lord and angels walk with that child!

Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

Vi Ann Beautiful Grand babies and kid's! You must enjoy them so!
Marilynn isn't it better when someone else cooks.
Carol nice to hear you are getting out. Bulbs up in Calagry? Nothing here yet except my P..... crocus that have just started to send up their fuzzy beginings. Carol if the tomatoes get way too leggy just support them best that you can and plant them on their sides , even coil them arount in a pot if you can. they will be fine. I have just started mine and they are all indeterminate. I am so going to find a fern leaf Paoney(sp?) this year. IT's going to be my treat to me.
Betty , very cool geese!
Alberta Ann

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Ann this is what they look like today- the pots are 12 inches, the plants almost 18 and the root is almost at the bottom of the pot!Now the soil has settled I can probably add another couple of inches.

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ok - started out as rain this am, now it's snowing............. looks like we may have more than we thought. Gee - 16 yesterday, and snow today LOL I'm glad now that I didn't clear my flower garden - I have "ground cover" in the old vegetation lol

Wow Carol - your tomato plants already have flowers on them!! Good for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Luz Milagros is a wonderful name for the baby - Miracle Light :-)

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Holy whaaa look at those tomatoe plants..talk about a green thumb!

Susan much the same here but in reverse, plant life don't know what to make of it.

Alberta Ann, treats to self are the best kind of treat..you seem to get exactly what you want. Lol. Panay ?? Fernleaf? Thought for a moment you meant peony..I'll have to check what your pressie to yourself look like

Yes anxious to get geese..every year I buy one or two pieces of metal art, hit me limit already, bought a gate a month ago so I could incorporate my stained glass blue heron, waiting for better weather to figure out how and where to display..can see purchasing some tall grasses..any ideas?


Betty - interesting, isn't it, how all three of your comments are "aimed" at Albertans. We must be chatty here today LOL

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Those tomatoes were given to me 2 weeks ago - I am not responsible ! They were started from seed in somebodys basement under lights!

Betty yes ann meant Fernleaf Peony - it is a type of species peony - here is a pic of mine which is quite old. They are rather slow growing and tend to be quite expensive for a very small plant. I got mine from an elderly aunts yard almost 20 years ago. It blooms early and the foliage is quite different - very 'ferny' which accounts for the common name.

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Carol - love the fern-y leaves on that peony! Is it a heritage plant?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Not sure what you mean by heritage plant? If you mean how long has it been around then yes. This from a peony website: It is native to the Caucasus(sp?) Mountains in Russia I think.

"Paeonia tenuifolia is so remarkable that it has long been known to gardeners. In 1759 it was one of the peony species identified by Linnaeus (24/126), but it must have been known in German gardens as early as 1594 (6/64). Also Mrs. Frank states that P. tenuifolia was raised at the beginning of the 16th century by a nursery in London for commercial purposes (6/21). For the English speaking world Alice Harding reports the introduction of P. tenuifolia in 1765 to England (9/12) and to America in 1806. (9/26)."

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Victoria Harbour, ON

Absolutely gorgeous Carol...have to check the nursery..last year was my first year at this location that my peony bloomed..your fern peony is breathtaking..love the mirror! Can you tell me what the blue flowers are?

Susan, sometimes it goes that way!

Bed is calling..have an early morning appt with my doctor..co incidence that my insurance company called this afternoon to say id been denied life insurance, seems the blood tests taken show I either have or have the starting of diabetes...imagine! Didnt my doctor just say that the 28 viles of blood taken erlier ths year showed I'm healthy..anyway, will fast just incase he thinks further testing is required and sends me for more goodies to be taken.

Enjoy your evening

Victoria Harbour, ON

Well I'm going to be on the lookout for one Carol...need specialty nurseries in my neck of the woods

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Betty there are two plants there with blue flowers . One is Virginia Bluebells( Mertensa Virginia), the other is Brunnera.

Victoria Harbour, ON


Sun is just peeking in, cold right now but calling for a high of 16-18 today! Will get to play in the gardens for a bit.

Thanks for the Info re blue flowers, will put them on my list to check a the garden gallery for them, perrenials right?

Why is it every time you have to fast you feel as though you have to eat/drink.

Hope it's a sunshine day in your neighborhood!

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Have been Peony fan 'on and off' .. ON, because I love their scent, and, OFF because i never seem to be able to get ALL the ants off a boquet before I bring it in the house!!
Only have one now, a pretty light pink one, but, I must say that Fern leaved one sure looks delicate!!

Status quo here on weather, sunny and cool (COLD) .. rain predicted sometime later today.

I am off to TWO book launches this evening .. 365 days in a year and on ONE day I have two book launches .. odd !!

Taking Lorna for blood work this morning .. best get at it ..



Edmonton, AB(Zone 3a)

I would add to the soil as it will root around the stem however I also would remove the lower leaves that will go in the added soil. These types of tomatoes are very forgiving and once they get outside they will settle and be healthy. they do look good! Support them if they need help or get floppy. Are you able to pick them up? If so perhaps you can set them out on your front step on good days. Don't forget to pet them, it encourages stronger growth. They like stroking but not from another Tomatoe.
your lovely Peony is the reason I like them. I found that the ferny leaf caught me. And they are expensive and are a small rooted 1 gallon pot will be 65.00 and up. That is why I call it a treat and present to me.

Betty , those nasty Insurance people! I too can't get good life insurance by myself but now that I'm in a group they have no choice!! They have to take me. Ha !!

It's raining and cool here to. Only going to be 8 or so on the weekend. Have the heat mats on for the G house and will plug in the heater. Only going to be that way for the weekend and then back up next week.
Alberta Ann


well Betty - now that your Dr is confirming you Don't have sugar diabetes, I'm sure your insurance company is red-faced!!
So happy to hear you Do Not have it. Now, to find out why you're in pain, and have all those headaches.... they Did rule out that insect bite on your forehead, right?

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Thanks Ann- I expect I can move them if we get some nice days although the back step only has sun in the morning. And I will definitely be topping up the soil - I think I can get almost another 2 inches in the pots.

One of our foster moms is an accountant and did my taxes for me! First time I have not done them the old fashioned way. And since I had a lot of medical expenses this year it was worth declaring them and because of that I dont owe very much.

Most of yesterdays very wet snow has disappeared but there may be more on the way, in any case not very warm the next while. Was hoping to get into the garden to start clean up next week but looks like that will be cancelled- either snow or rain coming.

Made scalloped potatoes and a hamburger with mushrooms and onions for supper- didn't taste too bad!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Morning all, feel badly telling you all that it's a sunshine day here in my neighborhood when you are dealing with cold temps and snow..I'll enjoy playing in the garden for all of us ok?

Yesterday afternoon I went in the town and went all over looking for shrubs and a few perennials, not much out yet, guess I'm rushing things.

Don't you love it when you have a gazebo up and the sun has done a number on the top and you can't replace it? What a waste, more metal in wastelands because of it. Took a good look at those new umbrella's 10x10' almost tempted to have the boys take down gazebo and buy one providing they can assure me tarp portion can be replaced.

You must be feeling a bit better Carol to have cooked such a yummy meal. Just hate cooking for one..always a relief to have taxes done..not looking forward to it.

Headaches Susan due to high blood pressure and also muscle spasms in shoulder and neck..did bring copies of doctor report on all my testing to insurance company, doubt they will change their point of view, oh well.

Omg AlbertaAnn, don't think I ever saw a peony for that much money, no wonder it's a treat when purchased..I'm still tempted to have the boys get me a silk lilac for mothers day..maybe I'll put the fern peony on my list as well...gee, only have 2 sons, just think of the garden I could have if I had 12. Lol. Plants/shrubs and more plants.

Time to wash floors, have cereal and decide how I will spend my day

Enjoy yours

Calgary, AB(Zone 3a)

Betty I could find you peonies for over $200.00! Most of the peonies for sale here the spring are that kind of price but they are big plants, the fern leaf for that price will be very small. Speaking of fernleaf I see mine is popping up very nicely.

I recall visiting a garden some years ago where the lady had a number of metal panels growing vines along her back fence - they were the side panels from gazebos - when the top had to be replaced she bought a new one and reused the metal panels

Victoria Harbour, ON

Omg hard to believe that someone would pay that king of $$$ for a plant..wow..I'm going to be more alert and keep an eye out for one when at the nurseries...anxious now to find one.

Did the same about 5 years ago..had my brother weld 4 corners..he kept a finished panel and I kept one, a few years ago bought a large metal butterfly and hung it..actually at the corner of back bedroom deck, looks nice. This one though has round poles and not much metal work, will see what I could design though..I'll post photo and maybe you will have ideas.

Not out in the gardens, didn't take long for sun to go in, wind to come up and it's cold..still in my nighty..played a bit with stained glass piece and other than that have done nothing! Should look around and pick a project otherwise I will feel as though I've wasted a day.

Thunder Bay Ontario, ON(Zone 3a)

Biting my tongue here .. argggggggggggg .. had a colleague a few years back who was moving from her home into a condo .. she wanted to GIFT her perennials .. several of which were WELL established PEONIES .. I passed !!!
Live and learn.

Cool and overcast here .. son and family are due to visit this afternoon ..dear GD had her naval pierced .. REALLY biting my tongue on that turn of events .. she's 13, saved her money to have it done .. kids LoL

I think everyone will keep busy in some way today


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