Info- Burpee Pink Slicer Hybrid in Walmarts Best of Show Mix

Palmerton, PA(Zone 6a)

The Mixed packet lists Pink Slicer Hybrid Tomato in place of the actual photo that includes RazzLe Dazzle on their site but I cannot find any information about this tomato for how big the fruit will be or height the plant my get. Has anyone ever grown this? I see on the packet 70 days for Maturity for all five that were listed as follows on my packet, (Honey Bunch, Golden Mama, Orange Roma, Pink Slicer Hybrid, White Cherry).

Sorry tried to post link to for the Best of Show packet front but it would not work..

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Augusta, GA(Zone 8a) All of these are sometimes called pink slicers. Most of the time Burpee will post a link on the back of the packet that will give some additional info. Many of the seed rack varieties are not listed in the regular catalog.

Palmerton, PA(Zone 6a)

Thanks for your information. I need to eat yellow/orange tomatoes myself for the low acid and know that pinks don't offer that but this packet listed 2 out of the 5 that I can eat so hope for the best. However, I cannot put all the 42 plants into 5 gallon buckets alone so will offer my daughter some plants and hope that with some pink, and the small red as well as the huge 2-4lb Porterhouse all will be well for us both to trade back and forth.. Later when I get results to check the size of fruit, and height I will come back and update the information encase others that bought the same packets at Walmart would be interested. Thanks again for your help.

7-6-12 Note: After looking into this packet I bought at Walmart the assortment shown in the photo on the front of the pack were NOT what is listed on the top flap. Therefore, There is NO large red tomatoes in this assortment but, a Pink Slicer, Honey Bunch, Red Cherry, (Looking beautiful in their long cascades of fruits all over the stems. Picked the first rip ones on July 4th.) Golden Mana tomatoes as well as Snow White Cherry. Many tomatoes on the vines but just getting lighter in color. Of most of the plants are now at 5 ft tall totally because I planted them in the very bottom of the 5 gallon bucket. Of these 5, I can eat 4 of these varieties..just hope if I didn't keep some of each that they may get brought back for me to try them.

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Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

Here's a thread on low acid tomatoes, check Farmerdill's response;

And this actually has a chart listing the brix on many tomato varieties;


Palmerton, PA(Zone 6a)

Thanks Catmad for any help..will have to try more from your list next year. I already have 42 plants (that some I had earlier transplanted have 10" of height and 6 sets of leaves) to see what I get for this year. We have a very short summer here on the mountain where I live and they have to be started indoors really early or you don't get fruit. Last year I bought plants and they really cost a lot at $5.00 plus here each at the home centers.. I decided to grow because I didn't like any of the taste of those I bought last year. They had little taste and hard cores.. I couldn't find in the stores even seeds for any yellows but this assortment that contains 3 I can eat. 1 yellow. 1 white and the orange is why I bought it.. The rest of the family would be happy with the pink or reds if any appear.. I'm so curious what I have growing!

May 1,....Update..I have now gotten ready the old plastic buckets and new 5 gallon buckets .(Food safe) plastic buckets (that I bought at Lowe's for under [email protected] (my guess is they are now handling these food safe buckets with a lid available for purchase..for the PREPPERS we see on tv that are storing everything in buckets!) I filled them with a mix of 30% waste from the mushroom houses mixed with screened soil that was available for $26.00 a scoop, I purchased a half scoop since the full one filled up the 7ft bed on the truck completely to the top that my daughter bought for here garden and I knew I didn't need that much for 10 buckets and the 2 gallon buckets I had purchased for $0.25.each for the small plants of peppers. I still have to keep the plants remaining in the house for most of May so I gave away to a nieces 26 plants to have more room for the remaining ones. They will probably arrive with their extra tomatoes when they harvest!

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