Pack up all your coleus and send to me

Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

I am the coleus police

Hope everyone is doing OK and have lots of coleus. I have none yet. And need a new puter so I can post pictures.

Doing a FLY BYE HI


Grantsboro, NC(Zone 8b)

Its sad we don't have any smart mouth people to pick on me anymore. The coleus forum has very few people I even know or remember.
With Irene and all our rain I have 1 coleus left and so many drowned or rotten plants.
Doing a fly bye hi


Ocala, FL(Zone 9a)

Lavina, if you're looking for smart-alecks, all you had to do is say "Hey! Denise!" ;)

Mine are getting beat up by the rain, too. Going to do my best to overwinter the survivors, though!

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Fly by me, and you can have plenty!

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