CLOSED: Sandpipers & Dowitcher

Lakeland, FL


1st Photo - Solitary Sandpiper?
2d + 3rd - Short Billed Dowitcher

I'm asking the 2d & 3rd because Resin already IDed a possible long billed that was confirmed at the preserve. Then others were saying there were also short-billed there. And these two do look different.

Thank You

Thumbnail by lagerfran Thumbnail by lagerfran Thumbnail by lagerfran
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

#1 - yep, Solitary Sandpiper

#2 - could be Short-billed Dowitcher, but not enough detail visible to be certain

#3 - Stilt Sandpiper, winter plumage


Lakeland, FL

Thank you so much Resin, these little birds are just so close, specially when they are in winter plumage.

Always appreciate your help.

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