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pre heating fuel wood

Brookside, DE

I am curious about the gasses coming off of fuel wood that I preheat on top of my Vermont Castings woodstove. The split hickory is not completely dry but gives off a nice smell. Any idea if this is bad to breathe or is it harmless? Thanks in advance! Joe

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

If you aren't charing the wood, mostly what's coming off the wood is water vapor. I'd say generally harmless.

Brookside, DE

Thanks Doug, the wood isn't charring and it makes sense that it is mostly water vapor coming off. On the other hand, sometimes when placing these heated pieces onto the fire, their surface ignites instantaneously before I even have a chance to drop them from my hand. Makes me believe some volatile organics may be coming off too, and its the volatiles that catch fire immediately.

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