Why are my seeds not germinating?

Marietta, PA

I planted some seeds from St. Clare seeds in small peat containers with a growing mix and several of them are not coming up. The eggplant has not come up at all. The lettuce is so spindly and frail it is dying as I speak. My snow peas which are sowed in my garden haven't produced hardly any plants. What am I doing wrong? On the flip side the tomato plants are germinating beautifully, peppers, zucchini are great too. Can anyone help me figure out why my other plants are doing so poorly?

Lake Charles, LA(Zone 9a)

generally all your pepper and eggplant seeds takes a little longer to germinate than other seeds. i'd give it alittle morte time. though most seeds tend to germinate slower at cooler temperatures. maybe try placing them in a warmer area and see. i dont grow lettuce so i cannot help your there.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

The first eggplant came up in 7 days. I also has a seed sprount 3 days ago which means that was 27 days. This is at 75 to 80 degrees.

(Pam) Warren, CT(Zone 5b)

Lettuce needs it cool, and lots of light. You're better off sowing it outside. I sometimes sow it in cellpacks with a clear plastic cover on it and put it out, then plant inthe egarden when it gets a couple of leaves. This year I'm trying something new, using a hanging-type container and potting mix, covering with plastic wrap using short stakes to make a tent, and leaving it outside. Or you could just keep it inside until you see sprouts then put it out. It will get leggy and weak in no time indoors. I just love early lettuce!


Galesburg, IL

Too hot, too cold, too dry, too wet. What are your soil temps for the peas, what temp are you germinating seeds inside? Have animals eaten your pea seed, are they rotten, have they swelled, did insects get them, how deep did you plant them? Need a lot more info to try to provide any answers.

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