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one of the most beautiful and peculiar variety among the flowering plants, have always been considered difficult to grow. This is the most numerous in the plant kingdom. If you know about this flower you can reply this topic.

What to do to bring orchids?

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By "Bring Orchids" do you mean encouraging them to bloom?

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I have to admit, I find these plants thrive on neglect, like only water every now and then, don't hang / sit . or plant out in brilliant sunshine, they grow naturally in dappled shade and most (not all ) latch onto tree trunks and take water from rain that falls into the tree where the branch grows from the trunk union, home grown plants can suffer from greenfly attacks and other plant eating insects so to help give a misting every few days and mist underside of leaves,
reduce watering end of growing season, (here UK around September/October) early next year, remove plant from pot and cut off any withered, dead or broken roots , Cut off any old flowering stems too and try find new growing medium specially for Orchids, I give mine a diluted liquid feed once per month in growing season, sit back and enjoy for they are indeed beautiful plants. Good luck. WeeNel.

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