Homemade sprinkler system

Marietta, GA

Hi ya'll,
New to this forum and don't know which of you may be a creative inventor of a different kind of watering system. I have hosta in a raised bed beneath a portion of my deck and have no patience to circle the deck twice a day in the hottest part of the summer to water them all with a hose. My DH set up a faucet next to the house that I can reach from the deck and I would like to create a system with 3/4 inch pvc interspersed with sprinkler heads that I can aim at the hostas and water them all at the same time by connecting the system up to the faucet and turning it on. Does anyone else have a system like this. The pvc pipe and sprinklers would be attached under the rails of the deck. I can see it in my mind but have no idea where to get the materials to construct the system or if sprinkler heads are even made that attach to pvc pipe. Appreciate any help you can give.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9b)

Hi Nita. Any hardware store should have the pvc parts needed to complete your project.

If you also want to be able to attach a hose to your faucet (hose bib) you may want to attach a "Y" to your faucet first before starting your pvc. Also depending on the angle of the hose bib you may have to use a couple different angle joints to get the pipe going it the direction you want. The hose bib and "Y" will both have hose thread. That means you will need an adapter to go from hose thread to either a slip fitting (easiest), or to pipe thread. If the latter is the case you will then need another adapter to go from pipe thread to slip.

I can go into more detail if you'd like. Let me know if you have questions.


Marietta, GA

Hi daves_not_ here,
Appreciate your reply and am just reading it. Busy in the garden and elsewhere and not on this site for a while. I will read, research at the hardware store and absorb your input and will ask questions in the future if I don't get it figured out. Thanks so much.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Dripworks has many fixtures and sprinklers that might be chepaer than using PVC. Say, 1/2" main line with sprayers or sprinklers ?

If you have to add a filter and pressure regulator, the cost goes up some. I think there are also "pressure compensating" sprayers and also flushable sprayers or inexpensive filters that you might have to flush every few weeks or months if your water supply isn't very clean.

I was hoping to use their inexpensive fittings to turn my regular garden hoses intoo a multi-branched drip system, but the "cheapest" fittings require hose clamps over 20 psi, so that Tee costs $3.95 instead of 95 cents. Not as good a deal. (I have 45 psi water supply.)

Does anyone know if you sticvk 1/4" barbs into ordinary rubber garden hose without gross leaking? I might make a simpler network of garden hoses using Home Depot fittings, and then run some 1/4" lines from barbs and put sprayers on the 1/4" line. (I guess I need a 20 psi pressure regulator on each 1/4" line?)

Or would every 1/4" line attached to a garden need the garden hose brooken up with a Tee-to-Hose-Thread fitting, then Hose-Thread-to-1/4" line adapter?

I'm looking more for reduced amount of time spent watering by hand, and minimal instalation cost, not so much reducing water usage.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9b)

You could put a hose to pipe thread adapter on the hose bib, then the pressure regulator. You would have to use another adapter to get back to hose thread before attaching the hose.

The only reason I see that might not let the 1/4" barbs hold on to a garden hose is that a garden hose might be softer than the 1/2" drip system tubing. I think if it were too soft, the barb wouldn't hold.

Just my thoughts.


Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

"Too soft" would be a problem. I was also thinking maybe "too thick". I think I'll have to experiment.

I was hoping to use my existing hoses as a "mainline" and continue to hand-spray from the ends of the hose, but have two "ends" in the back yard and two "ends" in the front yard, so I can do less dragging around.

And use the sprinklers so I don't need to hand-water as often.

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