Unique man, makes video about meat

(Zone 6b)

I really like watching this man's videos, and thought maybe you'd enjoy hearing him too. Listen to him talk about these caged chickens. :(

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

Yep, I can tell you first hand. He was tellin the truth. I raised Cornish Rock Cross this year. They do get sick easily. and or die without warning. I have a few left as I don't want to butcher all of them at once. They are 2 months old now and we have 10lb hens. They are in a 8' x 16' pen/ coop, that I move around. Glad I only have around a doz. left. 10lb. that is like a small butter ball turkey. The kids don't come visit that much so the two of us got that big bird to cook. lots of left overs. Chicken sandwiches, chicken an noodles, chicken an dumplins. We do have have quite a few bags with only two pieces. But to freeze it whole you need a two gallon zip-loc bag.
I have 12 Barred Rocks too. keeping them for layers. They are like pets, or is that pests, every time they see me they come a running as I do give them bread that has gone past the date stamped on the package. It's real cheap that way. Then I decided I wanted to try sell some eggs so I got some Red sex links too. they are still chicks, about a month old now. If selling eggs don't work out, I guess I'll have deviled eggs at every get-to-gether and fried eggs for breakfast huh.
But at least they won't be 10 or 12 lb chickens and all breast when we decide to butcher them.

Pelzer, SC(Zone 7b)

I ended up with far more eggs than I can readily use (NOT my fault!). I found a local church that runs a small food bank, and they happily take whatever I have left at the end of the week. I do have egg customers, but this is a way to find a good "home" for the eggs that are smaller, stained, or just leftover :)

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

Yes I have a place like that too. and plan to take some there anyway. It is a church that had allowed senior meals when they were supplied by the county. but when the county cut back they quit supplying the meals. The church thought that was a bum deal, so now with the help of volunteers to cook. and only adding a quarter to the suggested price. They can still supply the seniors with at least one hot meal a day. So far it has been working great. We take advantage of the opportunity once or twice a week. Mostly to visit. But I still like to cook so most of our meals are at home. Besides that is a twenty mile round trip an gas ain't cheap.
Oh well I know they will appreciate whatever help is offered. One of the ladies is our granddaughter and her husbands aunt, so we enjoy the visit as well.
So I guess the eggs won't go to waste.
Sorry about yacking so much. Just had to agree with you.
Guess the yacking comes with age ha ha ha

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

no where close to me so I feed the extra eggs back to the chickens. They look up and beg when ever I pull eggs out of the nest

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

Think my children would whack me up side the head if I did that, like you know we like eggs too!
I'm 75 and only have social security, so they know I barely have enough to get by on. Wow, recycling eggs heh heh heh

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