What's blooming for you now?

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Tulips, creeping phlox, pansies, azeleas, dianthus, I see one columbine is starting to bloom. one small plant of either Brunerras or forget-me-nots. It's blue flower is very tiny, like the Brunerras "Jack Frost" and blue. Usually forget-me-nots blooms are larger than this one is I thought. Several other flowers are about to bloom..

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

up here in zone4... not much. vinca minor [the ground vine] and my mini iris' are just about done.
and the creeping phlox. that's about it ... i'm wooded so not much is growing yet.
I did see a Rhodie in my friends yard that was blooming... mine at home [zone5] bloomed a full month ago.

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

I only have daffodils, creeping phlox, and jj's so far. 'Spose to snow tonight, and I'll take it, will slow things down a bit. My dwarf iris should be blooming next week or just after.

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Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

My Daffodils have finished blooming and some of the tulips are seeing their last days. Now I'm left with the foliage and dried flower buds..It is supposed to be in 80's today and after we get home from church, I will be working out in the flowerbeds more and planting some more columbines(blue and yellow)and portulaca in the old bird bath. We need rain so bad. Will need to water the flower beds today.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

I just walked to the driveway to pick up the newspaper and every morning I look over the flowerbeds..I see more columbines about ready to burst open their buds, looks like the larkspurs have buds forming, same with some daisies. The Dr. Ruppel clematis is starting to bloom, saw two blooms open up yesterday. Finally got the beautiful purple columbine planted yesterday evening that I purchased about 3 weeks ago. I planted it I could find a bare spot. Didn't have a plant tag with it that I remember but think it's going to be a tall one so I'll have to move it next year probably. Of course, I love the fact that columbines reseed, sometimes where you don't want to seed but I love this flower. I love any flower that gives me more flowers that I didn't have to buy! It is overcast; we had left the patio furniture cushions on last evening and listening to tv weatherman, there was a chance of scattered showers last evening and today, so I went out before I went to bed and bought them into living room instead of putting them back in garage..Wished we had a roof over our patio/breezeway area for protection from the elements.

Anxious to hear what's blooming in your area now. Have a great day!

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