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Prolific Perilla

Warrenton, VA

Hello, last year, I came back to gardening in Virginia, after living many years in the West. Now, I decided that I wanted dark purple foliage, so the guy at the nursery set me up with a couple of flats of a Coleus-like "Perilla." WOW. Talk about doggone hardy! Took over, and when I read up a bit, saw that they are invasive! YIKES! They grew into gargantuan beings, vastly overshadowed my newbie foundation shrubs. Quite attractive when driving-by, but I had a catch in my throat the whole time they were growing.

Am learning that "easy-to-grow, adaptable," means "Invasive." I'm more than a little upset that this would be sold in Virginia, along with other invasive plants (barberry), and these plants are on the Virginia Invasive Plants List! So, BEWARE the Perilla! It was lovely, but I cut off the flowers as soon as they appeared, and finally stuffed them into plastic lawn bags to rot awhile before going to the land fill...this year, I will find some nice ageratum or salvia...

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