My Overwintered Fushias.

Grand-Falls, NB(Zone 4a)

I have a Fuchsia, that I overwinter in the garage, and it come back year after years. My garage isn't heated, but is insulated, My husband has an office in the back, a little heat does escape from it. The temp in the colder days goes to about 34-36F. I did try to overwinter a few others the same way, but with no success. I brought in Blue eyes, to overwinter in the house and another with a very large pale pink bloom unknown. They are growing well, but I have to constantly monitor for aphids on my blue eyes. The pink isn't bothered by aphids, which I like very much.
Anyone knows the name of the first two?

Overwintered in garage, is the first one, the skirt has a tinge of purple to it.
Second one is the one with the large pale pink bloom.
Third is the Blue eyes fuchsia,that I grow in full shade here.

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Houston, TX(Zone 9a)

How gorgeous! I just love Blue Eyes! And your others are beautiful too but I am no help in naming them. I definitely think I'll try them inside and take them out in Fall and Spring. :)

Moss Landing, CA(Zone 9b)

Beautiful! I saw some fuchsias at HomeDepot the other day and the tag said "annual" on it. That makes me so sad, because they can live for decades. So happy to see you are keeping yours going by overwintering them. Have you looked in the PlantFiles here to see if your mystery fuchsias are in there?

Freedom, CA(Zone 9b)

Beautiful and healthy fuchsias! I don't know the names of hanging basket fuchsias, but the first one looks like it could be an upright. It looks a great deal like one sold as a generic by some of the big home improvement stores. I have one that looks exactly like it which I call "Abby Rose". Not an official name :) But better than their generic "upright fuchsia."

Grand-Falls, NB(Zone 4a)

Baroilio and Catsmiling, thanks. I did look through plant files, but there were to many that looks similar, hard to decide which and be sure. But it's ok, I just love the plants, no matter what name it has.
Thanks Pedrick, the one your saying looks like an upright, I have actually, seen it trained as a small tree. I had that one for years. I'm pretty sure, I started it from a cutting, that someone gave me. Abby Rose is a much nicer name, that's for sure. :)

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