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White Pine, TN(Zone 6b)

Hello, I signed up to this web site, I think, last year but stumbled into it again!

I love birds and would like recommendations of buying binoculars. I only need them to watch the birds in my yard and surrounding areas. Any info would greatly be appreciated.

BTW, I really enjoyed looking at all the great pics posted by you experts! :)

Raggsby (Sandi)

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Marlton, NJ

Welcome to the forum Sandi !

It will be easier to recommend a pair of binoculars if you let us know what you want to spend on them.

White Pine, TN(Zone 6b)

Thanks for your reply. I don't need the high end binos just want to watch birds.


(Zone 5a)

Welcome to the forum.

I am very happy with the binoculars we have; they show such clear details. They are an 8x42. The 8 is magnification and the 42 is how much light is let in. (I hope I have that right) Ours were just around $200 and that included shipping. Vortex Crossfire. It has a true lifetime warranty. If you drop them and they break (for example), you send them in and they will repair or replace them. They are water and fog proof. We use them around home and away.

We bought 12x25s from Target for the children and they work for the little faces. The young ones struggle with the adult sized pair and get so frustrated not seeing anything. They are compact in size, but I just don't think they do quite as good of job. I believe the prices range from lower $20-50 depending on brand.

I hope you find something that works for you. I bought the Vortex online looking at reviews, never having tried them. But you can always go to a sporting goods store and experiment with what they have.

White Pine, TN(Zone 6b)

Thanks everyone. I guess I will go to a sporting store and try them out.

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