Need to find news homes for some larger plants

Lexington, SC(Zone 8a)

Hey everyone. It's time for a clearance sale on my potted plants. No more winter storage for me!

My wife and I will be moving to Kaua`i at the end of the year and we have a large collection of big (and small) plants that will need new homes. Below is a list of what I've got available and the approximate size, plus some notes. If you're interesting, shoot me a PM and we can discuss picking them up and any pricing. I'm not looking for much, just whatever the fair value is. I just want them to go to good homes and not be left out to the elements in the winter. These have been my 'babies' for years, so it's hard to get rid of them all.

'9 Potted Christmas Palm [4 trunks] - needs a good home, it's been getting weak by being in the garage over the winters. It's in a very large and sturdy pot (which we paid way too much for)
9' Potted Christmas Palm [2 trunks] - also needs a good home, I'm concerned it won't make it through another winter in a darker environment (in a very tough pot)
3-4' Potted Christmas Palm [multiple trunks and single trunks] - I have a variety of these that are small, but have established trunks with bark and are all very healthy. Just came from South Florida a month ago.

4-5' Bottle Palm
2-3' Bottle Palm

2'-10' Large White Bird of Paradise - I have four of these that are quire large (about 9-10'). I also have several smaller pups, three I think, that are growing strong. ONE of the White BOP's is the one that blooms every winter, and right now it actually has blooms on it. I think to bloom it'll continue to need high light during the summer. The others have never bloomed, but I think one of them is getting close to the maturity that it will soon. I believe all of these are in really good quality pots and won't need re-potting anytime soon.

Cuttings - I have several cuttings of monstera and congo green philodendron that are just going to die if I don't get rid of them. They're free to a good home. I also have cuttings of golden pothos that came from Kauai. In fact, I have a lot of cuttings of things that came from the islands, including several green Ti, which anyone is welcome to a piece of.

Mixed Palms and Plants - I have other plants and some palms that are also in need of a good home.


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