Mighty oak

I have over a hundred oak trees in the woods that surround most of our farm, and I want to propagate these (by seed) in order to start to establish more oaks closer to the house.

I have collected a bag of acorns from the woods, and they are waiting to be sown.

So, I have two questions:

1) What is the best method for germinating acorn seeds?

2) Nomenclature of oak... these are native oaks that grow wild all over the place. They are tall and massive, as you would expect a hundred-year oak to be. It's your basic, standard oak tree. Is this enough information for anyone to give me the botanical name of this tree? Are there several species of oak, and, if yes, which is most likely to be the standard oak here in Tennessee?

Thanks for any info you may have!


Hi Dave,might try here:http://forestry.about.com/library/tree.blblo.htm

Lincoln City, OR(Zone 9a)

Hi Dave! In my experience with our English Oak seedlings the oak acorn seems to need cold weather to germinate. Either leave the acorns outside in a cool place for most of the winter or put them into a plastic bag so they don't dry out too much and put them into the fridge. Our seedlings are two feet tall or more by the next summers end so they are strong growers. Don't know what variety of oak you have there but you could find that out at you local County Extension service. I just tell people here that want oak trees to put my acorns in areas that they want the trees and next summer 'voila ' a baby tree appears in most cases, or put them into pots about a half inch or so under the soil surface, water, and leave it outside until next year. Then you can transplant the baby where you want it.
Good Luck, Lani
ps. My oak was planted in 1974 from an acorn and now it is 38 inches around the trunk and approximately 40 feet tall. Gorgeous trees the oaks!

Brooklet, GA(Zone 8a)

Dave, I alot of times rake someones yard and bring the straw, leaves and all home. Many times acorns that have si in the damp leaves for the winter sprout like crazy in the spring. Sometimes I end up with them all over. They seem to like germinating imn the damp leaves. hope this helps.

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