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Vista, CA

I need help locating a high quality Hachiya persimmon tree, large enough to start bearing fruit this year or next. They are a low volume item and I am not finding any in stock at the local Nurseries. If you know of a Nursery that has them in Orange, San Diego, Riverside or San Bernardino Counties, please send me their name and phone number. i prefer to see before buying, as there is so much junk being sold, it seems.


Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Go to this link. They carry them.

They're located in Fillmore, which is in Ventura County...not exactly "close" to you by any means, but.....

It's a SUPERB nursery. The staff is very friendly and accomodating.
If you call them, they may be able to supply you with one via a nursery down your way that buys FROM them. It can't hurt to ask.

Vista, CA


I will call them today, and if they have any ready to sell, i will drive up and select one. My second career was starting and operating a Shade and Ornamental Tree Nursery in Idaho, and i am appalled that some of the trees i have seen on the market down here were not culled. So, i would rather make the drive than to be disappointed.
You have been very helpful to me before, and i appreciate it.

Long Beach, CA(Zone 10a)

Yes, definitely call them FIRST (obviously) before making the drive out there. Ask to speak to the owner, Scott, if possible. Hopefully he's there, or one of his sons will be. He's VERY honest and won't try to get you to buy something that isn't right for your locale or isn't in good shape/size, etc.

I've never bought fruit trees from him, but have bought many roses there. They were all excellent quality and BIG.

If/when you go, the place can be difficult to find as it is surrounded by miles of orchards and everything looks the same. Hopefully you have GPS in your vehicle because the roads are poorly marked and it can be confusing if you've never been there.

Also, try the following nurseries in OC:
M and M Nursery in Tustin
Upland Nursery in Orange (Confusing because it's not IN the city of Upland)
Village Nursery in Huntington Beach and also a location in Orange.

All of the above have a website.

Vista, CA

Jasper, I am leaving now for Fillmore. They have 23 in stock, so i have time today to make the drive. I do have GPS, and really miss it when i am driving the other car. I planted a fairly good Persimmon last year, but it was hit hard with Black Spot fungus that may be thriving in the Pecan trees across the fence. I was not prepared to combat it last year, but am now. The fungus becomes embedded in the buds, if not dormant sprayed, etc, so the current tree leaves emerge with the fungus spores already there. So i am going to remove this one and try one more time.


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