Burpee organic seed starting mix

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Today while at K-Mart, I spied Burpee organic seed starting mix and bought a bag of it. It has that Coconut fibers in it. I have heard Critterlogist mention that she used the coir to start her seeds or some of her seeds. I just dumped contents of bag(1/2 of the bag)into the old cracked bird bath that I've planted portulaca seeds in for last 2 yrs. and will try to get them started.. Today I see the Burgundy blanket flower has a bud forming on it, another purple columbine planted in the rock garden is blooming..I planted that there last summer or Fall. The California poppies are giving out more blooms..got to have more of those next year. We had a light rain yesterday but I still watered the flowerbeds that was somewhat covered by the eaves of the house. I had transplanted a seedling of oriental poppy and it went into transplant shock but it has started to bounce back and looks like it'll make it. I'm concerned about Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia seedlings..they are planted in flowerbed but struggling, but the HOS alyssum I can tell has grown, so that's a good thing. I have an Iris in bloom that I must have transplanted from some that the original owner left behind. The Jacob cline bee balm is starting to perk up and small seedlings have started closeby. Don't know what variety that Iris is but it is pretty. Maybe I should start some more..medium hgt. which is great. I gave all my tall yellow iris away. I have some rudbeckia seedlings from last Fall that has survived in a pot so I need to transplant that into the flowerbed. I took the Press&Seal off the black-eye susans that I planted in 4 in. nursery pots and moved them to a sunny location that gets afternoon shade. If they come up, they come up..I'm tired of worrying about them and I know you all are tired of hearing me comment about them. Guess what I'm finding out in the lawn area..black eye susan seedlings. Will try to dig them up and plant them where I want them to grow. Now to find my shaker I saved to sow my tiny seeds like portulaca. Probably in the garage. More columbines in the front beds are starting to bloom now, as I saw blue of the forget-me-nots today too. Geum that was WS last year is starting to form its buds..There is still that mystery plant that has buds formed and I have no idea what it is..and the suspense is killing me..As soon as I see the first bud, I hope I will know what it is and I have a metal plant marker waiting in the wings to put in front of it this time. I don't know if I overlooked marking it last year or it got taken away by the winds or what have you.
The Prairie Sun rudbeckia has sprouts but they are slow getting their second set of leaves. Is this normal for rudbeckias? I notice the hydrangeas that was hit bad by the hard freeze about a month ago is starting to shoot new leaves out, so hopefully it will still bloom this summer. I can see evidence that the rose bush was hurt too but I can trim that off without any harm, just the tips of leaves.

Has any of you gardeners ever used this Burpee seed starting mix?

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