White Tomato Leaves!? HELP!!!

Claremont, NH(Zone 5a)

I am having a serious problem. After transplanting my tomatoes to their new, larger pots they shot up a few inches, looking beautiful, and then rapidly started turning white! Any idea as to the cause? All the internet answers I get say it means they were planted out without hardening off except one which says it's BLIGHT! O.o My tomatoes have never been outside before!

Is it possible they're getting too much light and that caused the white? Some of the white leaves are curling. My timer broke, so I've just been leaving the lights on all the time because I don't entirely trust myself to turn them off.

Two of my Cosmos flowers have an odd, white fungus which seems to be growing on the soil and I have no idea how it got it when I baked my mix and keep them in a closed room with no windows. I do not know if this is related or not, but it does not seem to be harming the Cosmos.

I'm really confused.

Foxboro, MA

Turn off your lights. Plants need sleep too. Don't leave your lights on more than 16 hours at a time. If you do forget to turn them off overnight give them at least 8 hours of sleep before you turn them back on. Even if it's the middle of the day.

The fungus on the soil is probably harmless. Fungi is everywhere in our world so it's likely it just dropped onto your soil. Most people have the same problem when starting seeds indoors. Reducing your watering will help control the problem but not kill the fungus. Most plants seem to tolerate it well.

I don't have any experience with blight but I would start with the lighting problem and see if they bounce back.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

Nokota - yes turn off your lights. microbiology1 was correct - plants need sleep.

Try turning on the lights when you get up and turn them off when you go to bed. My timer broke so that's what I've been doing.

As to the fungi. Take a pencil and stir it back into the soil. Sometimes white fungi can overwhelm small seedlings. Otherwise, it's harmless.

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