Pots for Christmas Cactus

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I have several Christmas/Thanksgiving Cactus that I started awhile back. They need to be re-potted. Several are the same color. I want to put the ones that are the same color in a pot together. I would "like" to pick up the color of the cactus bloom in the color of the pot. What experience do you have with the various pot materials to grow Christmas Cactus?
Right now, I have many in plastic pots (the kind you get when you buy a plant from a garden center). I also have some in plastic hanging baskets (the kind you get when you buy a hanging basket plant). All have been doing well, although, I would like to have more attractive pots. I don't "hang" my cactus from the ceiling or anything else in the house. I do hang them up outside. So, I am not crazy about putting them in hanging baskets even though, they often are sold like that.
I am considering getting some sort of pot that is somewhat like an urn e.g. something that is high enough from the surface the pot sits on (floor or cabinet) so the leaves/stems can hang down w/o touching the floor. The urn would be deep, so I am wondering how the cactus would adapt. I know cactus like to be "cozy" in their pot.
If you have any experience using a tall pot, please share. Or if you have thoughts on this, please share.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

You might start by reading the sticky thread in this forum "Myth: this plant likes/prefers to be rootbound". Al provides some great information there about why it's not actually true that things prefer to be "cozy in their pots". If you use the right type of mix in your pot, you could put a plant in a much larger pot and it be just fine (but your choice of growing medium is important).

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Yes, you're right, I have read Christmas/Thanksgiving/Easter cactus should be re-potted every three years.
I am hoping someone can tell me what experiences they have with various pot styles and various pot materials.

Alum Bridge, WV

I like the old-fashioned red clay pots. They are heavy enough to handle the load mature plants put on them (hanging down over the pot) and they handle the drainage problem better than plastic. If you really get a long hangover you can always set one clay pot on top of an inverted clay pot the same size or bigger and get a column effect.

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

Thanks Vadis for your in put. I have heard before clay pots are better than plastic or glazed pots. I just don't think they are very attractive. It's a good idea, however, to invert a clay pot. I like that idea.

Alum Bridge, WV

If you don't like the way clay looks why not decorate it. Paint it, decoupage it, do something to make it look the way you like. Anything beat plastic, especially for cacti.....

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