Bird of paridise plant

St Petersburg, FL

The problem is that a stem will grow upwards, but then turn yellow, about 5inches up, and the leaf will not open.

St Petersburg, FL

My question wasn't answered. Why does the leaf grow-upwards a bit, and is yellow, and does not open. Please!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Can you post some pictures? That might help someone figure out what's going on. Without pictures--my first suggestion would be to start by checking your watering--could be you're watering it too much. Try sticking your finger down a few inches into the soil and see how wet it feels--if you're getting close to when you would normally water it again and it still feels really wet then your problem is probably too much water.

Standish, MI

I agree with ecrane3. My first response was being too wet but then again without seeing the plant it is almost impossible to know. All it is, is a guess.

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