seed/coleus swap (NJ), Philly Area

Mount Laurel, NJ

In case you havn't seen it in the mid-adlantic section:
- seed (various plants) and coleus CUTTINGS swap Saturday, APR 28, 2012

- start with Mt. Laurel garden club plant sale, then have a seed/cutting swap . Location on the swap TBD but in Cherry Hill / Mt Laurel general area. - Plant sale is at Mt Laurel library. for more info on the swap for more info on the plant sale

There will be coleus plants at the sale, and cuttings at the swap

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Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

I'll try to send a note to Eskinola. I know she lets her seeds mature and plants some. She is a busy mommy too.

Glen Riddle Lima, PA

thanks sidney!

it looks interesting. i don't know that i could 3 little boys might wreck some plants or whole tables. alice's malice, which is one of the babies i grew from seed is on the mt. laurel site... not much luck with last year's seed. trying again this year. my fright night seedlings look mostly like fright night itself, although one's all lime green.

gosh haven't been here in a while. hello everyone!


Taylor Creek, FL(Zone 10a)

Let us hear about it.

Mount Laurel, NJ

It was nice. There's a picture over in this thread:

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Hey Coleus lover!

Hoping you can come to the plant swap at Holly and Rics in Dover, PA on Sat May 19th. Would love to talk coleus with you there!

If you or anyone else out there have any cutting you could share with me for postage, let me know. Thanks.

Looks like you all ahd a good time. Food , plants and new friends, can't go wrong with that!

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