Outdoor baker's rack decoration ideas

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

I am in process of shopping for an outdoor baker's rack, preferrably some type of metal or wrought iron..that I can place on my patio/breezeway that I want to use to place a beautiful flowering annual(maybe inpatient or geraniums or petunias)in a pot, plus other decorative items. Maybe some decorative birdhouses or a wire birdcage that could be spraypainted a bright color. I've seen these decorative metal stars at Joann's craft store and some other items.

I saw a small sleeping cherub on their website. That could sit alone or I have a faux bench that she could sit on but it might be too big for her size is only 6 in. x 8 in.

I found a ceramic birdhouse at a local thrift shop that I thought would be idea. I collect decorative birdhouses and have them displayed on a shelf over the window area in our sunroom, plus ceramic birds.

Saw one decorating blog where the lady sponged an old galvanized pitcher and applied a rub on transfer on the front. Looked good, perfect or it could be spray painted a bright color too.

There is a picture of an outdoor baker's rack decorating with pine branches and Fall accessories like gourds, etc. which I have printed off a copy of that for ideas.

Any other ideas, I'd love to hear about them.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

While in my kitchen making a BLT sandwich for myself for lunch, I am looking right at a brown metal birdhouse that one can place a votive candle in that could be used as a decorative touch on that Baker's rack? I have a Lilac scented Yankee Candle votive candle inside it. It is on the ledge of the pass through window from kitchen to sunroom. I could always place a scented candle inside it in the evenings (like citronella)to ward off mosquitos and remove it during the day so it doesn't melt. I could always spray paint the metal bird house any color for accent. Gosh, maybe I should shop around my own house more often. It has a decorative weathervane ornament on top.

Clarksville, TN(Zone 6b)

I think we all feel that way. That's one reason I have so many piles of "stuff" sitting around. I just know I can use or repurpose whatever it is for garden art sometime.

You can't go wrong with birdhouse or the like. Looks to me like you will have to install your rack and then try different combinations of things you have until you find what you like best ... or try a theme like the birdhouses. See what suits you best.

Fairly recently I found a white baker's rack at a yard sale and I have it outside under the carport. One thing I will do is use the back or sides as a trellis of sorts to let a vine grow up it. I may even eventually put more out in the yard to act as trellises. I've run out of fence room for vines.

Have fun!

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