Rain guard for hanging feeder

Bridgewater, ME

Can anyone think of something I could use for my metal hanging feeder to keep the rain off the feed?I would have to have a good overhang,the only thing I came up with was a metal or plactic trash can lid put over the top.I know someone must have an idea.

Vancleave, MS(Zone 8b)

sounds like a good idea to me but you would have to make it stay on some how with blowing rain and still be water proof

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

We can use 55 gallon metal barrels to burn trash in out in the country. I had one of the cut out ends to cover my feeder, with a large brick to hold it down. but I just had the feeder sitting on the ground. You would have to get a little more elaborate to have it all hanging.
Probably what ever you use for the cover, you would need to drill a hole in the center to allow the heavy wire, or whatever you use to hang it with, to pass through and attach to the handle of the feeder.
I intend to eventually hang a feeder, in my coop as well but I was pushing myself to get coop built and setup before the broilers got too big for the box in the garage. The Broilers are all big now.
So soon the coop will just have a dozen layers in it and I won't need such a large feeder.
I will probably attach one to the side of my portable coop. and make a hinged lid for it. As I borrowed a feeder from a neighbor, who planned to wait until August to start his.
So if I wanted to hang a metal feeder I would still have to go buy one. I plan ( at this time yet ) just to use one I made.

Bridgewater, ME

Good idea thanks.I bought a squirrel baffle today and was going to try that but its not big enough.

Hornick, IA(Zone 4b)

Was hoping that would help a little. Just thought of something else of course it would have to be bought. They have plastic or fiberglass pans that are for water heaters to set in and have a drain in case your water heater starts leaking. I have seen some at Menards, Probably Lowes in your area. Possibly Home Depot.
Good luck

Bridgewater, ME

Thanks will check that out

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