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Allamanda blanchetii Cherries Jubilee in a hanging basket??

Windsor, IL

This may be a dumb question....

Would it work to use Allamanda blanchetii in a hanging basket in my zone?

I read that it's also known as Mandevilla and Mandevilla works well in baskets, but I haven't found anything that says Allamanda is hanging basket worthy.

Are they really the same plant? Will it grow and bloom enough to make a good showing in a basket? Will it grow too long??

Thanks in advance!!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Allamanda and Mandevilla are two different types of plants--same family but have never been synonyms of each other that I'm aware of. The other name that you'll find for some Mandevilla species is Dipladenia, maybe that's what you're thinking of?

I grew Allamanda 'Cherries Jubilee' a few years ago and it's a bit too upright to work well in a hanging basket--if you look at the pics in Plant Files you'll see that it's mostly an upright grower. Depending on the conditions it's grown in, it might flop a bit but I don't think it would be an ideal hanging basket candidate. http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/showimage/214322/

Windsor, IL

Thanks for your answer

I'm positive I read that the two were synonyms. It said "also known as Mandevilla" when describing Allamanda. I'll try to find it and post the link

Windsor, IL

Wow, I found many sites saying the two were synonymous. Just google "Allamanda also known as Mandevilla" and you'll see what I mean...tons of them.

In the process I found many saying Allamanda would make a great hanging basket. I think I'll give it a shot

Thanks for putting me on the right track!

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Most likely what you're seeing is people using allamanda or mandevilla as a common name to refer to a plant of the other genus. As far as the Latin names go, Allamanda and Mandevilla are different genera and as far as I know have never been considered part of the same genus (at least not any time recently).

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