My 1st bloom since finding out what it truly is!

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Now that I know what I have I thought I'd share the 1st bloom of this season. My Disocactus ackermannii…..

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Deep Run, NC(Zone 7b)

One of my favorites. Ackermanii is very dependable; fast growing and forgiving.
very nice pictures.

Pics: Oxypetalum, Space Rocket, Ackermanii, Mor Mor

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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Great pictures! I love the Oxypetalum…I recently acquired 2 cuttings and can't wait for them to mature and bloom! The Space Rocket and Mor Mor are stunning! Where did you find them?

Deep Run, NC(Zone 7b)

Most were trade offs with other D Gardeners; some were cuttings given to me from on-line friends; most were bought on line from various vendors. I have over 300 named hybrids now and it has gone pass obsession. I'm in my fourth year and they are getting very large and I'm adding on to my greenhouse. I plan on narrowing down plants this Fall maybe. bob

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Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

orchidman1, You're right, you're beyond obsessed. A word from experience...don't let them get too big. This NOID in a 24" basket is too heavy to move, without help. Luckily, mine live outside year round.

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Mountain View, HI


I'm close to obsessed, just purchased 100 different varieties from a grower on Ebay (a neighbor went 50/50 with me). I count blooms each year. Last year was 85. This year just passed 110.

You say don't let them get to big. You must have a reason for saying that. Encourages obsession? Disease? Don;t bloom so well? Won't stand up in pots? Just curious.

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Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

Haha! I have two that are in 24" baskets. I can't move them without help, and fear for the tree they're hanging from. They bloom beautifully when they get enough light, but I've run out of limbs that get some sun, so the one in the deep shade bloomed very poorly this year. The weight of them in the 12" plastic hanging pots is causing the pots to break. These plants are heavy!

Mountain View, HI

mine are standing in 1 and 2 gallon pots on wooden benches so hanging weight is not a problem. They just get top heavy and pots start falling over. I'm amazed at their rate of growth, definitely not in character for a cactus. If I cut mine back this year I estimate at least another 100 cuttings would find their way into pots and where does that leave me in another two years. Cuttings from 2 years ago, now in a new greenhouse, are already starting to bloom and pots are falling over.

Is there a 12 step program anywhere for Epi-aholics. Or is that the DG Forum.

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Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

No 12 step program that I've ever heard of. I have run out of appropiate environment though, so have to stop.

Deep Run, NC(Zone 7b)

Beautiful bloom OC and I do realize that I can't give adequate space/conditions to all my different hybrids, I very much worry about this since I also love my orchid obsession which also demands time, money, and space. I don't have a good answer beyond survival of the fittest. bob

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Jumping in from Maryland. NOT exactly a tropical kind of a state.

I have had 2 Epis now for 7 years. Got them in a trade from kachinagirl in CA.

Last year--one of them bloomed for the first time--and is covered in buds (15) this summer.
One has opened--and am waiting for all the consecutive blooms to open.

The other one--an "Ackermannii" also was covered in blooms....What's going on?
I keep fearing this may be their Swan Song.....

I have to bring them in for thew winter and they hang in semi sun by my LR window.
Yes! They are heavy!!! I always fear they will pull the hook out of the ceiling and come crashing down.
My heaviest is my RicRac cactus. Man! That weighs a ton!!!

How would one go about "cutting it back"??? I would not know where to cut them.
Seems the blooms always come from the old, scraggly fronds. If I cut those back--how soon would it be
before they re-grew?
One of mine--the 2nd picture--is beyond spectacular when in bloom--but the fronds look old and calloused--
yet that is from where all the bloom buds come.

Both of these were re-potted 3 years ago in 10" HB. They really perked up after that.....they still are hugely
root bond (I presume they like it that way and blloom better in that state) and I am afraid to "mess with them".
Mind you--I do not live in zone 9 or 10. My zone is 7a. Baltimore. These plants cannot stay out for the winter...

Pic. #1 and #2--my "ackermannii in bloom in June.
Pic. #3 and #4--my "other Epi"--that just bloomed last year for the first time. Do not have a name.
It totally blew me away by its beauty!!!

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

The plant itself, before it blooms, is actually quite ugly.
This is the plant with blooms #3 and#4 in the above post. The "spectacular" one.

The fronds have gray, calloused tops (bottoms are normal green) and very one-sided.
It is hard to even water it--as it tends to just run off.
I do not fertilize these a whole lot--just kind of let then do their own thing.
Should I fertilize? With what?

They also get a semi-dormancy in the house all "winter", which we did not really have this year.

Can any of you tell me why the tops of the older fronds look like this?
Does not seem to affect the plant any.

#1--the whole plant--YUK!
#2--Showing some of the gray, calloused tops to the fronds. What causes this?
#3--This is the top of one of the older fronds just as it is growing out of the pot. Ugly! Cracked!
Yet it supports all the lower growth and bloom buds.

Any comments are welcome. Thanks, Gita

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Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

I don't know what causes the ugly leaves, but suspect it's just the natural ageing. Some get much worse than others. You can cut them off anywhere, just making sure you leave some mature growth to bloom. I try to balance the plant when I trim. If you cut it off at the base of the branch, it's gone. If you leave a couple of petioles, it will probably form a couple of new branches. I also turn the plants now and then to try for balanced growth. I give mine time-release fertilizer like Osmocote or Dynomite when they are done blooming, timing it so they get nothing after Oct. In my case our winter rains flush the buildup out of the pots. As soon as I see signs of buds in the spring, I give them bloom booster until they finish blooming.

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