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Ipomea batatas with edible tubers

Edmonton, Canada

Hi !
I've just joined Dave's Garden this morning. I'm so excited to have found it and being able to join.So, it's quite possible that I'm chosing the wrong section or page for posting my querry.
It's about finding a source to buy the above plant.. It has to be someone in Canada.
Before I had registered I had stumbled upon a list of vendors ( some of them from Canada) and their comments on this plant. I needed to get in touch with them for further information. But, later I've not been been able to find that page. How would I go about it ?

I have bought an Ipomea batatas plant from Rona Home And Garden in my hometown Edmonton,Alberta.I was so excited to buy it because the name of the plant sounded so familiar to me. I was thinking of all those edible plants under this botanical name either in plant form or tuber form that I've seen mentioned in gardening books. Little did I know at the time that the variety would make a difference. the one i've brought home is absolutely ornamental -Bright black ideas or something like that, I think it's called Blackie in short.

My question now is (1) How do I find that page with the list of vendors and (2) if I haven't used the right section for posting my question which section do I go to for my questions ?
Do I need to pay for a subscription in order to post questions?
Thank you very much for giving me a chance to ask my questions!

(Zone 7a)

At the top of the Home page, you'll see Products and Sources. Click on that and then scroll down until you see Plant Scout. Click on that and then enter your plant name. That will give you a list of vendors who sell that plant.

Good luck and welcome to Dave's.

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