It's raining again!

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Unless the rain clears up this afternoon, there will be no working in the flowerbeds today. So many perennials are ready to pop out in blooms I noticed yesterday. Guess if you don't mind getting a little wet, it's a good time to dig up some plants for the upcoming plant swap and pot them up..I think I'll pass on working out in the rain..

Do you have any perennials that need moving or dividing? I started to trim my creeping phlox back yesterday; didn't get very far though. I couldn't believe how thick the foliage is under all those faded blooms. I just told DH I have a job for him, to sharpen my clippers and garden tools..May just get the old chain saw out and use on those phlox, in lieu of scissors or hand clippers. Get it done quicker.
Black and Decker needs to make a light weight, shorter blade chain saw especially for the ladies and in color besides black or red casing.

Williamstown, NJ(Zone 6b)

I am still trying to get all my beds ready and trim what I need to. Also moving things that have outgrown their spot. Adding more to other beds, I am thankfull for the rain though we sure needed it. But not for days in a
I agree on the tool part. they should make more tools for woman. We are doing almost as much if not more than them now.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 6b)

Last evening after dinner, I potted up some plants that I am considering taking to a plant swap. It got dark on me and I ran out of potting mix. Today was a nice day but very windy again. Somebody that delivered the local newspaper for me to deliver to 32 houses in our mutual said he thought he heard "rain" forcasted for tomorrow again.

A gardening friend came over this afernoon and she identified my mystery plant right away as Silene..I was thinking that at first but I knew I discarded it from another flower bed because it didn't put out much growth the first year..I've got to remember that perennials need at least 3 yrs. to show full potenial. The Silene I had was not even planted in same flowerbed as this new plant. Could a bird have dropped the seeds in another bed for me? I'm still thinking I may have bought some seeds from an independent source, or got them in a swap and they may have been marked incorrectly as something else. I looked at my last year's(2011) Wintersowing records and there's no Silene on it. But it's beautiful and I have until Fall to decide what to do with it. Now I have to learn if I cut it back after it finishes blooming to get more blooms, or what.
I know this gardening friend knows her flowers and she didn't hesitate to tell me what it was.

Williamstown, NJ(Zone 6b)

Weather is looking much better by Tuesday. Back to the nice warm temps. I guess we will be glad to have all this rain when that 80's high is here again.

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