Growing Bamboo from seed is imposdible

West Babylon, NY(Zone 7a)

I purchased cold hardy Bamboo seeds. It said to nick the brown seed coat, revealing a hard white flesh underneath. I then kept the seeds submerged in water for 3 days, hoping to see the seed swell. Then I put them in miracle gro potting mix covered and kept moist. A month went by and no sprouts? The seeds are still very hard, I thought to germinate seeds swell with water and get soft to sprout, but not these. What did I do wrong I don't see any signs of life.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Soaking the seeds in 50 % hydrogen peroxide and water with a pinch of salt, about what someone might shake on a bite of apple.The last time I did that with some black bamboo seeds they germinated overnight after only being soaked a couple of hours. My bambusa and a yunnininess are just now germinating,(planted them last November). My giant germinated in Feb. It can take a real amount of time in dealing with bamboo seeds.

Nanning, China

The seeds you purchased might be too old to germinate. Some bamboo seeds are very easy to germinate. I tried to germinated several species of bamboo seeds before. Rinse the seeds with clean water then soak them in warm water (around 20-30centigrade) for 24-48 hours. Then remove seeds husk and put them on wet tissue paper in container with lid. Among all the seeds, Bambusa polymorpha germinated right the second morning, followed gradually by Dendrocalamus membranaceus, Dendrocalamus barbatus and Gigantochloa apus. The cold-hardy bamboo seeds like Phyllostachys and Fargesia seeds take much longer time to germinate. If not treated and cared well, seeds are easy to rot and grow fungi.

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