Harvesting cucumbers

League City, TX(Zone 9a)

I am growing cucumbers for the 1st time- a bush variety called Diamant. I think my 1st cuke is ready for harvest, it is about 5" long and is probably around the 47 day DTM. So, is there a way to tell when it is time to harvest? Is the cuke suppose to slip off the vine with a gentle twist, sort of like how a ripe musk mellon would or do you just cut it off with a pair of scissors or something, based on DTM & how it looks? Thanks.

Hutto, TX(Zone 8b)


I pick them when they look like I want them to look. The bigger they get, the bigger the seeds. If the shape has filled out then it is safe to pick. The varieties I raise don't slip, but snap off pretty easily.


Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Yes, they are good at any stage except when very large. Not only will you have big seeds but the cucumber takes on a watery sweet taste akin to watermelon rinds. I don't know the length of your cuke growing season. If possible put in multiple rounds of cukes at least two weeks and preferably one month apart to extend the harvest. The plants peak at some point and then poop. Just when you think you don't want to see another cucumber they are gone and a few weeks later you're missing them. I start with fancier burpless and Asian varieties and end with pickling cukes so as to have cukes for canning. Picklers also make great eating cukes.

League City, TX(Zone 9a)

Good to know, David & Maypop!! I did not realize there was so much flexibility in the harvest time.

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