Does anyone know of epi Corrigata ?

Merino, Australia

I have had this epi for a number of years since buying a large old, epi collection. The label only says Corrigata.
It is one of the epis with the zig zag shape to the branches.

It has just bloomed and I am wondering if anyone knows of it.
The only other epi I have that has bloomed at this time of year ( other than a couple of confused spring flowering epis ) is Darahii, which is similar in flower size, but slightly different in color.

It has a light perfume and will open further by tomorrow.


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Deep Run, NC(Zone 7b)


Corrigata may be spelled Corrugata and could be a cactus rather than an Epi. Check out: the link above. There are many branches of this family but all I have found are Cacti. Maybe your plant is miss named? Could you give us a picture of the plant itself where limb structure can be determined? bob

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Merino, Australia

Thanks for reply Bob.
I was thinking it may be misnamed when I could find no info on it.
I have since been told it may be anguliger .
I have taken a pic of the scalloped branches and a better one of the flower.
The flower is nearly the same as darrahii once fully opened.
Perfume is lovely and quite strong for such a small flower.

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Deep Run, NC(Zone 7b)

Jean: Anguliger it is! Better known as the Fishbone Cactus. One of the most fragrant blooms which average 5 inches across with tube exceeding 6 inches usually. bob

Merino, Australia

Thank you Bob. I found another which also has a flower and a name tag...anguliger it is definitely
Yes , the perfume is lovely
Now to await some of the other mystery ones I have

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