Hallidays Point, NSW, Australia

Can anyone identify this Tibouchina with white flowers? The original plant came from a caravan park near Macksville in NSW.

Thumbnail by MargaretL
Clifton Springs, Australia

Tibouchina 'Totally Moonstruck" might be the one...it was a sport in NZ and it hasn't reverted...it was released a few years ago..
Though I found another called Elsa..it's smaller growing..both very pretty...

Hallidays Point, NSW, Australia

These white flowers are small - about 2cm across. The stamens are insignificant - about 3mm long and are not purple. Some of the flowers are pink around the base and some are white. I hope this extra information helps identify this variety of Tibouchina.

Sydney, Australia

This Nursery has a white, it does not reveal the name but the owner may be able to help you.
scroll down for pic of the white one. :)



Hallidays Point, NSW, Australia

Thanks Chrissy. I have just sent an email to the owner of Florez Nursery.

Hallidays Point, NSW, Australia

Ian Percy from Florez Nursery at Wollongong has identified my Tibouchina with small white flowers as Tibouchina heteromala.
Thank you, Ian.

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