Can someone identify this mystery Epiphyllum?

Careywood, ID(Zone 5a)

Good morning! I am hoping that an epiphyllum expert on this forum can give me some help identifying my mystery epi. This plant was given to me by a dear lady who has since passed on. She thought it was a Christmas cactus and had given up on it ever blooming. So had I and was about to send it to the compost heap when it first bloomed for me about two years ago. I've been enchanted ever since. I now have a second one and fear that I've fallen prey to another gardening addiction! Anyway, if someone recognizes this beauty and can give me her name, I'd be most appreciative.

Thanks very much!

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Cannelton, IN(Zone 6b)

It looks a lot like my E. ackermanii.

After a second look, it's not the same, but very pretty.

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Mission Viejo, CA(Zone 9b)

There are sooooo many varieties.....

Here is my Tocan's first bloom. I planted a cutting two years ago.

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Careywood, ID(Zone 5a)

Thanks, Gary and Ravens444, for your responses to my quest. You're absolutely right; there are so many varieties and hybrids of epiphyllums that I'll probably never know the "proper" name of mine, but I thought it was worth asking. Thanks for sharing pictures of your beauties!

Norwalk, IA(Zone 5b)

Looks like an old kind called "First prom"

Careywood, ID(Zone 5a)

Eclipse, forgive me for taking so long to respond to your reply! I can only plead gardening and canning as the excuse. I believe you may be right about the identity of my mystery epiphyllum. I have looked at a lot of images of "First Prom" online and they all look very much like mine. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me give my epi a name!

Henderson, NC(Zone 7b)

Careywood, I wish I knew the name of your beautiful plant and I also wish I knew what mine is. My Sister was going to toss it. I took it, re-potted and it bloomed in a few months and has continued blooming. Has to be the prettiest of all the blooms in my sun room.

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Los Angeles, CA(Zone 10a)

Hi dahtzu: Not to shoo you away at all, but to suggest another resource if you haven't tried it yet: the Orchid Cactus community here on Dave's Garden. Many folks there are probably more experienced with the jungle and epiphytic cacti than most of us in the more xeric-oriented bunch in the Cacti and Succulents community, even though the communities definitely overlap in interests.

Henderson, NC(Zone 7b)

The bloom on smashedcactus plant looks like mine.

Cannelton, IN(Zone 6b)

Your's seems to have some orange in it. Mine is solid red. Here's my E. hookerii blooming this morning (Monday).

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Sun Lakes, AZ(Zone 9a)

I love it Gary! I've noticed that when you load pictures that the order is reversed in the sequence for viewing. I'm going to ask Internet Brands staff if they can change it so that the way we load them is the order they show; for example, 1st loaded appears 1st for viewing.

Gary: Maybe I'm wrong though. Did you load the partly opened picture first or third?

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Cannelton, IN(Zone 6b)

I decided to load the third picture after I already loaded the other two. It's amazing how fast they open. It had not started opening at 7:00. The first picture is at 8:00. The second at 8:30. And the last is at 8:45. I took it inside to show my wife and Daisy (my 16 yr old cat) had to get in the picture.

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Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Here's a list of links to Epiphyllum's that you can look through.
There are *Many* varieties of Red ones though

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