Need help to name an invasive bulb

Costa Mesa, CA

This little guy has been in my landscape for years. I'm not asking for help in control; I'm already doing everything but removing the first two feet of soil from my entire yard. I'm resigned to control at this point, not eradication. But I'd like to place a name to my adversary. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Propagation is by bulblets and seed. The leaf can be as long as 18", somewhat fleshy, somewhat prostrate, light green, usually curling near the end, with a prominent ridge on the midvein. Flowers come up around this time (mid to late April) and go quickly to seed. I usually catch them before they seed, but the tiny bulblets are killer to find and remove. I'm thinking some kind of Ornithogalum, but haven't found one that looks like this.

KC in Costa Mesa

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