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This is a safe place for the procrastinatrix to hang out.
Feel free to discuss anything you have been putting off " 'til the morrow".

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

OOOOOH, there's too much to mention! I have so many items I've bought for future projects, but I haven't gotten around to them yet. I've begun getting rid of some of the items. I'm trying to be realistic but what I can actually do alone. But I still have way too many garden projects.

Inside, I have a floor to replace. One of my dogs messed it up. I have the materials to replace the tiles but haven't gotten around to it yet. One day it will annoy me enough that I'll just do it.

My office still seems to be a big source of procrastination. Both desks have been covered with papers and sticky notes to the point of distraction. I finally cleaned one desk off last night. Maybe tonight I'll be motivated to do the other desk. Maybe...

Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

Hi, Butterfly! I'm trying to imagine how your pup damaged the tile floor, or is it floor tiles? hope you can fix it.

I had been putting off fixing a water faucet when it suddenly broke off in my hand. Turned the water off at the pump and will deal with it tomorrow morning, after the bills get paid.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Oh, Huck, I hate those plumbing problems!

I have linoleum tiles. And one of my dogs has peed in the floor and the urine got under the tiles and lifted them. What a mess!! I pulled the nasty tiles up and cleaned the subfloor, but he's still peeing in there. I think it's my 14 yr old dog. He has incontinence and I'd make him outside dog but it's already too hot for him. The vet said my only alternative now is to put him down. But he's been my buddy for 14 yrs. I can see ending it now because he can't control himself...altho it's getting pretty annoying, especially if I get up in the middle of the night and step in some "goo". I've considered putting diapers on him, but then I'd have to clean him up and it's much easier to clean up the floor.

Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

I have experienced this too. My 15 yr old lab lost the ability to get up. I actually drug him outside on his pad, lifted him onto the ground, and he peed on the grass. I did this for two days until I convinced myself he had lived a long, good life and could be released from the hardships of breaking down and dying. I imagined him getting bedsores, and that did it. I hate "playing God", but I am so grateful to have the option of euthanasia. We are lucky to have land so we can bury our loved ones at home. My vet lets us drive up to the side door and they come out to the vehicle and give the shots. I held him and comforted him for the last time. They have no anxiety this way, so less for me too. I don't know if you have these options. I just want to be honest and hope any of this can help you. You have my complete sympathy for whatever happens.

I fixed the broken pipe, plus a dripping faucet, a broken toilet flush handle AND an ancient electric appliance cord got replaced.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Hey Huck, now that you've finished your to-do list, could you come help with mine??? I hate plumbing issues. Some of the things I can take care of, like a leaky faucet. But a broken pipe I don't touch. I should probably learn to fix them. I've watched my brother do it lots of times. I'm always following him around to see what else I can learn. He's been my best teacher since I was a kid--when he taught me to mow the yard. The job then became mine and I soon began to hate that boy!! LOL

I can bury Sam at home, but it'll be a mighty big hole! My brother just got a backhoe, so he could have it dug in no time. But right now, Sam's only problem is being able to get up. Once he gets up, he's fine. He just doesn't have the muscle strength he used to have. And even though he's lost a much-needed 20 pounds (so he's now average for his breed), he's lost so much muscle too. I've tried for over a year to prepare myself to say goodbye, but I'm just not ready yet. He's still bright-eyed and bushytailed and follows me wherever I go and looks at me with lots of love. And if need be, he'd still jump someone who came into our home or tried to get rough with me. When I see that he is not happy anymore, then I think I could let him go. For now, he's still happy to be by my side, so for now I'll still clean up after him. I tell you, he takes up a lot space in my house. Without him here, it sure will feel empty.

I've been putting off my gardening chores too. I've felt so unmotivated this spring. I've got to snap out of it! I have gone on three plant safaris and brought home 3 vanloads of plants...which are still sitting in the yard waiting for their home. I hope I have more energy and focus tomorrow. I'm beginning to feel like a bum!

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Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

So precious! It is easy to see the +'s outweigh the -'s at this point. May it stay that way as long as possible.

For some reason I attempt to fix everything myself first. I don't even think of hiring pros until I have messed up good.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

That's me too, Huck, unless I'm certain I either CAN't or don't want to do it. Cleaning house for instance. When I have the funds, I hire a friend to do it. There's always someone here who'll clean my small house for about $40 and sometimes it's worth every dollar not to have to waste my own time. I'm a gardener--I like playing in the dirt but I sure don't like cleaning it up. That's what I'm doing now--cleaning! Ugh!

I have a date coming here at noon--first date in a loooooong time. And I can't let him see that I live like a bachelor; if things work out right, he'll learn soon enough. LOL Actually I live more like a gardener, I suppose. There's mulch and dirt tracked in, and I had a sink full of hardy hibiscus--new varieties I mail-ordered and haven't had time to plant. But they were totally happy in a sink full of water for the last two weeks. Some are now two feet tall! I guess later he'll find out how serious a gardener I am; there are usually plants and dirt on the kitchen counters. But a first date is probably not the best time to let that secret out. LOL

Crozet, VA

What a wonderful topic....thanks Huck. Right up my alley, and so appropriate for what I have going on.

First off, great to see you has been ages and ages. I don't have nearly the computer time I used to and recently I have been involved in the chatting portion of an upcoming plant swap that the Mid Atlantic Gardeners here at Dave's are having next weekend. Everyone is very, very excited about it, and after reading the many comments on the swap thread, I find it hard to find time to read other threads. So glad I saw this one today.

Maybe you two gals, and some others later hopefully can serve the same positions you did last year whilst I did a major de-clutter. Butterfly, your words have proven true yet once again. If there are items we can't get rid of the first go round, the de-cluttering process is always on-going, so a time will come that many more things can be disposed of. I am officially at that point now.

Back in December I was gifted with a nice sized check from my newly deceased Father in Law. It was totally unexpected because John had already received some nice sized checks. first thought was that I was going to FINALLY have new flooring installed. I have talked it to death since December, as always......but actually started the process last Monday when I visited a flooring store and chose my carpeting. On Tuesday an employee came out to get measurements, so I will know exactly what kind of money I am looking at. I haven't yet talked with company since Tuesday because I once again, first time in fourteen months.....hurrah.....had a bout with a Urinary Tract Infection which put me totally out of comission on Wednesday and Thursday. I was feeling well enough to go the doctor yesterday and get started on some sulfa, so am hoping to be tip top soon.

I have known since December that there are lots of knick knacks sitting around and in display cabinets that will need packing in order for the furniture to be moved the day of installation. I have just let my stomach do a flip flop each time that I would think about the work ahead of me. Anyway.....the time has come. I plan to call the company on Monday and find out when they can be here to install the carpeting. I don't want to really get in to the packing up this weekend, due to not being full recovered from the infection yet. I am hoping by early week I will be ready to begin sorting through my things, that I wouldn't dare give up last year, and begin sitting things aside that can go away from here.

My ideal would be to find someone who would buy some of the glassware as a lot. I do not have time to sell things individually due the other demands on my time, such as babysitting three days a week and trying to enjoy my gardening before it gets too hot to garden. Anyway......I spent so much last year on plastic totes, that I thought of packing the keep things in card board boxes. I believe I have changed my mind on that and will possibly go later today with a five dollar off coupon, good today only and buy some bins to store these things in the shed while the work is going on here.

As I said, I am world class in procrastination on this particular project anyway. Maybe we can re-live some of the past when we served as encouragement to each other. I am surprised to hear that you are facing these issues Butterfly, because in the past, you have been such a go getter that it put me to shame. I guess dating will take over some of the extra time you used to have for completing projects. Hope the date goes well. It is exciting to hear that you are in the mood.....for some companionship. Hope you have a good report after the date.

Huckleberry, thank you for starting this thread. I am hoping to hear some helpful hints for getting started....soon!!!


Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

B-fly, here is a hardy hibiscus as big as a baby's head. They were as big as my head the first 2 seasons. Pooped out after 4 seasons. Hope your date went well!

Ruby, I figured I had better just admit to being a world class p-nator. Maybe it will help to get me moving stuff out, instead of avoiding the task.

I got DH to help make a new area for the garbage cans and wheelbarrow storage. I had a stack of lumber and metal roofing leaning around for a few years. Got it erected in 2 days. That's 2 yrs of annoyance gone in 2 days. I don't know why that exchange is not incentive enough. I was happy to have the job done, and happy with the results. Perhaps my big celebration is on hold because I have so many of these jobs lined up. I need to weed my projects. Step by step....

Keep up the good works!

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Crozet, VA

I have heard that admitting something is the first step to changing it. So, the secret is out. No more pretending that every thing is a-okay. Time to get to work. I know exactly what you mean Huck, because I am now upon the time when there will be no more talking about my flooring project, but time to get busy. The house plants from inside are getting slowly taken outdoors this week and after that it done, packing up can begin and then the other steps necessary to enjoy my new flooring will hopefully fall in to place. Remember that the things that we deal with are all processes and that there are indeed steps that need to be taken in order to arrive at the completion of the project.

I know that sometimes when I have put something off such as your trash bin area, I wonder why I put it off so long after it has been done. If you are like me, I have a tendency to find excuse after excuse for not getting started and then always kick myself when whatever the project didn't take the time nor near as much energy as I believed it might.

One of these days I will learn to......just do it.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Hi ladies! Ruby, how's the new flooring coming along? You must be so excited! Has it been installed yet? Can we see a picture of it?

Yes, even those of us who seem to always be accomplishing something hit a barrier now and then. Sometimes we just wear ourselves out--physically and mentally and need a break. The weeds in my gardens are certainly happy with my procrastination, but tomorrow, I'll get out there and start reclaiming my gardens!

My date actually went well. We had been talking by email and phone for about a month, so I already knew I'd like him. Meeting was just the next step and now we are officially dating. He may be instrumental in helping me get some of my projects done. We sit on my porch and talk about what I'd like to do here and there. He has access to some free materials I can use too--landscape timbers or 4 x 4's that are set on his truck before a pallet of materials is placed on top of them with a forklift, old tarps that have small holes in them which I can patch and reuse, etc. He's got a good idea of what I need to complete garden projects, so if he sees something like that headed to a dumpster, he'll retrieve it for me. And he'll help with the projects. Having a little help can really spur me on; It's been a long process trying to do everything by myself since I don't have the money to hire someone to help. He's all excited about the possibility of building me a waterfall soon. He loves sitting on the porch and looking at the gardens and he can see my vision. It's really nice to have someone to share it with who can offer advice, suggestions and skillful hands.

Huck, I wonder why your hib pooped out? Maybe it needs some fertilizer? Or have the trees near it grown so much that they're providing too much shade for it?

Congratulations on the completion of your storage area. Don't ya just love it? And it only took two days to do it. Now that project is behind you. So what's next? Got another project slated to complete soon?

Crozet, VA

So glad the date went well. I know that you have been wanting to have someone special in your life for a while now. So neat that it is happening. Another couple of Dave's members that I have been in contact with for a year or so now, and have met and visited their home recently, met on I didn't know it until I asked her. So cool that on line dating is available to people. I have spent some years of adult hood as a single person and know how hard it is to find a good person to date. Best wishes for a happy future. So great that he is willing to help with projects. All single women need a strong pair of hands from time to time.

When I first met John he was so thin and looked as though he would break in two if a strong wind blew. I didn't realize until he was digging a post hole in my yard one day the strength and muscle that was under the thinness. Having been married for almost twenty years now, he has beefed up quite well. He is still on the thin side, but there is no question about how strong he still is even in his late fifties.

We haven't yet done the carpeting Nancy Ann. I have had to wait for houseplants to go outdoors before I started anything. I have a copy of the contract for the carpeting and installation here on my desk, but after showing it to John and realizing how much they want to charge for moving our furniture, we are going to give it more thought before signing to have them do it. They want four hundred and seventy five dollars for it, and we are hoping to be able to do it ourselves and save that amount.

Oh yeah, I will certainly show pictures after the fact, because I am so looking forward to this. I have always hated the carpeting in here and am just now being able to afford to change it. I will definitely be doing a happy dance.

Here is wishing you continued good luck with the new fella. Take good care and thanks for checking in. It is always good to hear how things are going in your part of the country.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Ruby, do y'all have friends and family who'll come over and move the furniture in and out? That could cut down on the cost so you'll have money for some other project.

Online dating is the thing these days. With everyone so busy and isolated nowadays, it's the perfect solution. A friend of mine has been married for 10 years now to a guy she met online. According to her, he's just perfect for her and she's gonna keep him. My sister met a guy online a year ago and they're still together. Tracy is a truck driver and it's nearly impossible to find someone when he's only home about four days a month. I'm not accustomed to having someone around all the time so the fact that he's gone a lot appeals to me. I'm way too independent to have someone underfoot all the time. LOL So this works out for us.

I've been procrastinating outside but this morning I popped out of bed and cleaned off the patio Tracy likes to sit on while smoking. (I don't smoke and don't allow it in the house) It was a horrible mess with weeds growing between the pavers and trash the dogs chewed up spread all over it. Now it's nice and cozy. I have an old headboard and footboard that Tracy is going to turn into benches for me at some point. You'll see those at the far end of the patio in the picture below. I felt bad that everytime Tracy sat in the adirondack rocker, one weed was right at his feet and about 2 ft tall. (The weeds have just been awful this year. I'm going to have to invest in some Preen.) But when he comes back, he'll be able to comfortably enjoy his smokes. And until then, I'll continue to work on weeding the gardens. We have a beautiful view of the gardens from this patio...when the weeds aren't taking over. Below is a picture of what you would normally see.

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Crozet, VA

Just gorgeous BC. I have always, always wanted one of those little foot bridges. I love them. I love your gazebo and the privacy fence, I love it all. I am glad that you are accepting of Tracy's cigarette habit. I am a heavy smoker and know that it really bothers some folks. We often visit homes where there is no smoking indoors, and that is no problem for us.....we usually find a little smoking nook too at those homes.

We spent most of yesterday working on cleaning our front deck and the front gutters which were full of debris. After cleaning up a catch all table and making it acceptable to house plants, we moved out quite a large number of plants to spend their summer. I need to keep a good eye on them, because I am sure there are some that will need moving to a shadier spot later. I am thrilled that they are finally going outside. I can actually see the floor in the plant room now.

We are currently bombarded with plants. Early last week I received a mail order shipment from a nursery that was kind of slow in sending things. I had wanted those plants to be here and addressed and done with before attending Saturday's swap and bringing home a new card load of goodies. As it is, I am currently dealing with every thing at one time. Lots and lots to do, for sure.

The front deck looks a million times better than it did yesterday morning though. I am pleased. Still have some moving around of plants to do before the remains in plant room can be brought outside. Starting in an hour or so, my gardening chores will be put on the back burner, due to my two little charges coming in the afternoons for th next three days. I am hoping that I can give them a pot of soil and pails and shovels and they can occupy themselves while I work on potting some things. I will give it a try anyway.....they love working in the dirt. hahaha

Anyway, sounds really good that Tracy is going to help with some of your projects. Before I married John
I had the very same feelings about being single as you have. I liked my space and couldn't think of having some one who would be the very least imposing treading on my turf. John has been a nice fit. He is as easy going as a spring breeze and someone of a different temprement would have a hard time fitting in to my crazy life style. We have had past issues with trying to work on projects together and find it best that we each do our own things separately for the most part. The duel project of cleaning the deck yesterday went okay with only one short shouting match.

I hope that things will continue to go well with this new romance. Sounds great so far. Hope that you have an enjoyable week and that you are able to get some productive things done. I feel quite satisfied with yesterdays progress, but don't know how much will be done today. Time will tell.

Huck, come out, come out wherever you are. Hoping that you are being productive with what ever you have going on currently. I am going to need yours and BC's encouragement skills very, very soon. Set up a tentative date for carpet installation yesterday.......June 18 & 19. Between now and then there is a lot to be done in terms of packing up. Oh yeah BC, we do plan to call in some favors and move the furniture ourselves. A five hundred dollar savings is nothing to sneeze at. Yes maam, lots of other places that chunk of change can go.

Will close with a wish for a very enjoyable day for anyone reading. Take great care all.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Ruby, I got the bridge at Big Lots for $60 I think. It's really not made for outdoors--it's not treated lumber. But I think I can use it as a pattern to make a nice large treated bridge. Tracy wants to make a bigger pond with a stream and waterfall, so we'll have the bridge go over the stream. I showed him pictures of the patio (he's on the road so he won't see it in person for a while) and he says he'll love it. He loved sitting out there before, but now, with it cleaned up, it will really be nice.

I really can't stand smoke; being confined with a smoker will give me a migraine. But he does all his smoking outside. I'm not sure how I'll handle going over the road with him, which is something we've talked about. He tried to quit before so I am hoping that eventually he'll give it another try. We both have bad habits that impact our health, so maybe we can work on them together--for ourselves and each other.

Where will you put all your furniture while the carpet is being laid? Which rooms are getting new carpet? I'd love to have more hardwood in my house. I have no carpet; the dogs and I would ruin it in no time. Hardwood and tile are much easier to keep clean with all the running in and out we do. We live on a gravel road too and I leave the doors open whenever possible, so there's always a layer of dust on everything. I got rid of cloth furniture and now have only leather furniture in the living room. I also invested in entertainment centers and storage cabinets with doors or drawers to cut down on the dusting. If I could keep the dogs out of the bedroom, I could have carpet there, which would be nice. But for now I just keep throw rugs around. "The boys" love to sit and watch me put on my makeup and fix my hair, so I don't have the heart to ban them from the bedroom.

I was going to work on the weeds in the garden today, but a special project came up at work, so I have to go. Y'all have a productive day...and quit procrastinating. I know, I know, you'll try to quit tomorrow. LOL

Crozet, VA

Thanks for the chuckle BC. Yeah on the do it tomorrow thing.

Actually, I have had a hard time deciding between wooden laminate and carpeting. I have been back and forth, back and forth on it. What finally tipped the scales in terms of going with carpeting is a warning about wooden flooring being slippery and the current state of walking ability, which is very poor. I can almost trip over nothing these days. I figure if I do fall, the carpeting will be a more welcome surface.

We had the option of the carpet layers moving the furniture costing us four hundred and sevently five dollars or us doing it and saving that money. We have a decent sized storage shed which most things will go in to for a period of time. Things such as my desk and the TV will just be moved to an area of the house that is not being used the day the installers are here. I want them to come in two trips to do this.

Anyway, I started yesterday packing up the contents of the china cabinets and made quite good progress. If I do as well today, the china cabinets can be moved out to storage as soon as John has someone to help him do it. When all these extra pieces of furniture are moved out, I will then realize my dream of a minimalist look to the house. Heck, who knows.......I may decide to leave things in storage for a while. Haven't yet decided.

Anyway.....I am on a roll now hopefully and things should be smooth sailing, or at least I am hoping. Thanks for your interest Nancy Ann. Always good to get your input. Take good care.


Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Hi, Girls. Just sort of skimmed this long thread. We recently had to put down our little Schi-tzu that was 10 years old. After several trips to the vet they FINALLY determined she was diabetic. I kept telling them she is loosing weight and has lost control. Over $700 later they gave us the diagnosis. I know the trials that human beings have with diabetes and decided not to put her through it. Point is.....when your sweet companions loose control, have them tested for diabetes.

Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

Aw, I'm sorry for your loss, Lou. Thanks for the tip about diabetes and incontinence.

Thanks for the pics of your gorgeous garden, Butterfly. Glad to hear you are enjoying your beau.
Ruby, sorry I have been awol again. It's that procrastination factor.I have been busy in the garden. I also have been fussing with four darling baby chicks.
I haven't worked on my projects lately. We have company coming at the end of June, so I have to get cracking.
Have a lovely day everyone!

Crozet, VA

Lou, I am so sorry that you had to put your loved one down. I had to do the same thing a couple of years ago with a dog I had for almost fourteen years. Oh my gosh....did I spend a lot of time crying my heart out. I was finally able to reach a point where I decided that Lucky would not have wanted me to grieve so horribly over him, because his purpose in this life had been to bring me joy and he did a great job of it. I am now able to remember him and the good times, and not have such heart pangs when thinking of him being gone. I now have two more aging dogs and sometimes already dread what is certain to come before too very long.

Great tip for having animals checked for diabetes. I wouldn't have put two and two together on that one. Good information to have and thank you for sharing it.

Huck, please know that it is always a treat to hear from you, whenever you do stop in. Always love to hear what you have going on. Sounds like a busy time coming up.....same as here. The time has finally arrived after six months of worrying about it that my carpet installation date has been set and I am now packing up for the work men to be able to come in and be out quickly. What a large project this is. Going through cabinets has been the weekends work, and next weekend I will address the closets. I feel as though I made good progress so far, and hope the other half of the packing and storing goes as well too.

I know about holding on to things that don't work. Just recently I had a rather expensive hand vac conk out on me. I stuck it in a closet with the thought of possibly taking it to see if it can be repaired. Since I will be tackling the closet where it is stored soon, I guess the time will have arrived that I either decide to trash it or take it in and see if a repair is possible. No telling what else I am going to find in that particular closet, because for six or seven years it has served as a basic catch all for many things that don't have other homes. Will be interesting for sure.

Anyway......please send good vibes or even prayers my way that the project continue to go smoothly and quickly for me. I seem to be on a roll and want to keep it up until my part of the deal is done. Hope that all readers are having a wonderful day.


Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

I had a dream that a man drove up with his two young sons "looking for work'. I panicked as their eyes scanned my place and all the work-to-be-done. I ended up having to write a check for $200.00 because he cut a tree down that was growing out of the foundation of my "dream junk cabin". Having to write that check woke me up!

Good luck with your flooring. I saw a beautiful, skinny striped wooden floor at a cafe. It has been on my mind...

Crozet, VA

Aren't dreams strange at times? I too have had such startling events occur in dreams, that I too have awakened due to the panic or anxiety the event created for me.

I have heard one of the de-cluttering guru's talk of thinking of the space we use for our clutter in terms of the price of real estate and try to come up with an amount that we are paying each month on areas of our homes that are just storage spots for clutter. I am sure that some folks have been surprised when realizing how much of their house payment or rent payment is being paid for areas whose only purpose is to store clutter. The clutter storing spots coule be b etter used by having those areas serve another purpose and us hopefully not feeling bad about the monthly amount that is being paid for storage space.

Anyway... I suppose we are all different, and different things motivate people differently. I do know that I stop and listen when someone is talking about the condition of my bank account. I guess there is still hope for me.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Money is always a good motivator, Ruby. For me, the motivator is time. The less time I have to spend cleaning, the happier I am. With all the collections I had in the past, dusting was such a chore! And I HATE to dust. Now it takes very little time. I've gotten rid of most books and nic nacs and houseplants. Most of my furniture now has doors and drawers rather than open shelves. Living on a gravel road, with doors and windows open a lot, there's usually a layer of dust coating everything. But now it's simple to dust. (I still only do it when company is coming though. LOL) Having to clean less means I have more time for other things. For instance, I'm learning to be lazy! My boyfriend is so proud of me! Now he has company on the couch when he lies around watching movies. LOL

I've had Sam for 14 yrs and I know I'll soon have to say goodbye to him, but I'll procrastinate on that as long as I can. The poor fella is losing his sight and hearing, which the vet said is common in an old dog. I just don't like to think of him as old. I've been trying for two years to prepare myself for the inevitable, but I'll know I'll fall apart when the time comes. I had a scare recently and thought I'd have to lose Sam. He got hurt pretty badly and I knew he'd need surgery. The vet told me a few years ago that putting him under anesthesia would probably kill him, so I cried all the way to the vet's office when I took him in, knowing I wouldn't be bringing him home. But the vet looked at his wound and said surgery wouldn't be necessary; it was bad, but it was a wound that needed to heal from the inside out so no surgery. He gave me antibiotics and pain meds for Sam and I brought my big pooh-bear home where he healed within a couple of weeks thankfully.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

I've finally done it--I cleaned out my closet! I've needed to for about a year now. I couldn't hang up new clothes I had bought. I have a rather large closet, all to myself, and it's been packed with various sizes of clothes from when I shrink, gain, shrink, gain... I finally got rid of the smallest clothes which would take me a couple of years to get back into. And I weeded out clothing in the other sizes. I ended up pulling out about 50 items that I'm sure I'd never wear again. Next I'll go thru my shoes. Next week, I'll carry it all to a consignment shop. When I was in there a few weeks ago, the owner asked if I had any clothes I'd like to sell, stating that she thought my clothing would sell well. So maybe I'll make a few bucks out of the deal. In any case, I've acquired more room and have several empty hangers now, even with all my clothing hung up. I don't have to pile my new clothes on the chest at the foot of the bed anymore. LOL

I'm still procrastinating on the weeds in the garden. I do have a good excuse though. I've been working a lot. Our charity event will be over Fri night, so I'll work thru Mon putting all our decor back in storage. So I won't to get to work outside until Tues at least. (Maybe by then I'll have a new excuse to use. Laziness isn't a legitimate excuse, is it???)

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

I would call it.....just plain tired. Doesn't take near as much to use up my energy these days. what used to be 1/2 a day can easily turn into a week. Good for you on the closet. Ironically, I did the same thing this week. Now onto spouse's week.

Crozet, VA

Wow, must be national closet cleaning week......I too started on my linen closet a couple of days ago. It is not only closet cleaning week for me, but closet cleaning month. I have to have everything moved out of the house, and every thing up off the floor in order for the carpet to be installed. I decided to start with the most bothersome of the closets and I have been down right amazed at all that was stored in there. I must own thirty or forty sets of pillow cases. I have gone ahead and just packed everything up for storage now and will sort and get rid of things before bringing items back inside. I am hoping that it will serve to motivate me to downsize a bit because the carpeting and bare spaces look so great as is and I don't want to spoil the looks by bringing back things to just serve as clutter.

Great going on your clothing closet Nancy Ann. Good for you working on your closets too Lou. I am sure that after we are all finished we will be feeling so great about our accomplishments. I snapped a few pictures of some of the things I have packed up this week but haven't yet moved to its storage spot. We are walking through paths in the house this week. I guess the old saying of short term pain for long term gain is true. I can live with the mess and inconvenience for a while because I know the end prize will be so nice.

Nancy Ann, you have done an about face on us. I believe this new guy may just be a good fit. If he is getting you to slow down and smell the roses, that is a good thing. I don't need any encouragement to slow down, but need the encouragement to get started and keep at whatever the project may be. I can identify a lot more with the new you.

Anyway.....good going ladies, so glad you shared that you are involved in some clean up too. I won't feel so badly when I attack more closets knowing that I have some partners in crime. Good luck with your cleaning and organizing.


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I see we use some of the same "tools". Zipper bags and the Space Bags. Not so sure they are a good thing for me. Encourages me to keep instead of delete.

Crozet, VA

You might have a point there Lou. I will try to remember you saying this when I get to unpacking and restocking the shelves. Thanks.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Good point, Lou. Any storage containers beckon for us to store instead of delete. We tend to use any space we have. If you have storage buildings, you know you will fill them to capacity too. It's sometimes difficult to stop storing. We hide things in closets, under beds, in drawers, buildings, etc.

When we built our house, my brother suggested cutting a hole in the ceiling to access the attic space for storage. I was smart enough at that time to say NO. I knew if I had attic space for storage, I'd fill it with useless stuff. I watched my mom fill every nook and cranny of her house AND two storage buildings--full of useless items of no value to anyone (broken windows, dry rotted tires from old cars she no longer had, moldy books, moth-eaten clothes, etc.). So I've always been afraid to have extra storage.

I've gotten rid of lots of rubbermaid containers, underbed storage containers, etc. to keep from filling them up again. I'm really trying to stop storing extra things. For instance, I just gave away two good-working printers. I have a great one for my computer so why did I need the other two? They just took up space. I bought a new van in Feb, just like my older one, but better. But I've been hanging onto the old one too, probably for sentimental reasons. It was my first minivan and I've had it for 14 yrs. The guy teaching me self-defense wants to buy it so I've finally agreed to sell it. It's silly to pay insurance and tags and taxes for it when I don't even drive it. When I do sign the title over, I'll probably shed a tear or two; I really love that van! Of course I love the new one too but we don't yet have the history that the old one and I do. LOL

Ruby, I get pretty lazy when Tracy is around. We end up doing so much that we're just worn out and have to spend a day just lying around watching movies. It's a good thing he's on the road most of the time; that's the only time I get anything done around here. And there's still a lot to be done!

Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Visited with a dear friend yesterday. They were our next door neighbors for almost 30 years. She and her husband were "dealers" at Canton, Texas, First Monday Flea Market for well over 20 years. Her passion has always been garage sales and estate sales, and she knew just what to buy and take home. Six months ago the cancer came back. She will most likely be gone from this earth within a month. When she opened the door to her home, she said,"I have already given away most of my good things to my children."

We are all terminal.....some just know it is imminent. The things that we choose to keep says something about us although I'm not sure what it is. I have items in my possession that go back 150 years and belonged to some long lost ancestor that I can't really say I know who. Because they have survived and made it into my home I feel a weight of responsibility and have told my two children that someday they will have to accept the challenge. Why? I ask myself. These are inaniment (sp) objects and I don't even have an idea who most of them belonged to much less associate the object with an experience with a certain person.

After my visit yesterday, I'm feeling rather reflective.

Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

Yes, Lou, I can feel the heaviness of your thoughts. We seem to come to this place often, the ol' you-can't -take-it-with-you factor. The acknowledgement that our treasures will be our loved one's trash. Or worse, their heavy burden. That should be enough to get cleaning, but it is too late if you are really ill. That realization can nudge me into action.
I have made some progress. I did not bring home anything today, including food. This is a first! It feels good enough to continue.

I agree with the idea that organizing and organizers can be a distraction and/or another excuse to keep unnecessary items.

Good luck to all of us. A big squeeze to your pooh-bear, Butterfly. =^..^=

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Thank you, Huck. You know the big guy is in pretty good shape to be 14 yrs old, according to the vet. Other than the arthritis and weak muscles in his hind quarters, he's very healthy. He's even lost a much needed 20 lbs, which helps keep him mobile. He had a life expectancy of around 8 yrs, so I've gotten 6 bonus years out of him. But I'm greedy; 14 yrs with the big brute just isn't enough! LOL

Below is a picture of him claiming in his spot in the van when I went to TX for a plant safari. I was loading up the van to go home and I guess he was afraid he'd be left behind. He found the only spot left available and thought he'd better claim it before I stuck some plants there. He's a wonderful travel companion--never complains, no matter how long he's stuck in the van. Road trips are one of his favorite things. The only thing that would make him better would be the ability to drive so I could nap. LOL

I faced that realization several years ago--the realization that my "collections" might burden my family. I was pretty sick and was sure I wasn't going to survive and clearing out my clutter was what drove me at that time. I couldn't work for long at a time and sometimes I just couldn't even think. But I began giving away things that I had pegged for people I loved. If someone came over mentioned liking something, I'd hand it to them. No one knew how sick I was or that I was "preparing" for the inevitable. They thought I was just decluttering, so they were happy to take the things they liked. I gave away a lot of stuff then. Eventually, the doctor was able to find the true source of my illness and fix it, so I then got back on my feet. And that's when I began selling whatever I could and really decluttering with motivation. And it's really true, the more you do, the easier it gets.

One of the hard things for me is going to be letting go of my old van. I told y'all I had it sold. Well, the friends who were going to buy it wrecked it on Thurs and now they don't wanna buy it. The insurance considers it "totalled" so they want me to surrender it to them for salvage. I've had this van for 14 yrs and NEVER had an accident in it. Now the front passenger's door is dented and they want to total it and send it to the salvage yard??? That hurts!!! I'm thinking I'll take less money for it and keep it. The motor and transmission are great; it looks great inside and out (if you don't look at that one door). So I just can't see letting it be parted out. Am I silly? My bf thinks I can get a good sum from the insurance AND then sell the van for almost what my friends were going to pay for it, so I'd come out ahead. But I'm thinking I may still not be able to let it go, altho I have a newer one just like it--even the same color. That's probably the only possession I have that I'm sentimental about.

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Crozet, VA

What a sweet pup. I have always wished I had travel dogs. The one that I had who could successfully ride in a vehicle and not lose function of all bodily organs, couldn't be trusted to not hop out of car and run all over creation whenever I stopped. The other two leave my car a mess each time they have to ride to the Vet's office with all of the above mentioned.

Yep, some real inner searching going on here today. Lou, so sorry that you are facing the loss of yet another loved one. We had three special to us folks die last fall all within about two months of one another and it was a very sad time here. Thankfully we are at a point with each of these deaths that we are able to remember the good and fun times had with the people and not be in a very painful state any longer. Thank God for the ability to heal.

Good point on storage bins. Yes, that is true that the bins or whatever sort of encourage saving instead of parting with objects. Last week while searching on line for some motivation for clearing out I found a website that I have since returned to a few times and am reading and also listening to some of her audio recordings of tips for de-cluttering several areas of our lives.

Sue Rasmussen who is author of the said website believes there are six levels of clutter that a person needs to deal with in order to "make time for what really matters." The six levels are: physical clutter, time clutrer, relationship clutter, body clutter, mind clutter and energy clutter.

I am hoping by signing up for her program that I will be able to address each of these issues in my life and eventually be a point where I am satisfied with the s state of each of the levels. She admonishes us to go slowly and be gentle with ourselves, that it is not a race, but a life style change that will hopefully pay good dividends. As I get in the program and learn more, I will certainly share some of the high lights here.

BC, I feel your pain on not being able to decide what to do about your van. I know that folks often develop a real fondness for their vehicles and have problems becoming detached from them. I wish you the very best in doing whatever you deem best in the situation. You are very strong and very intelligent and I am sure will end up doing what is best in the situation.

Hope eeryone is happy a good Sunday and that the upcoming week is a good one for each of you too.


Eagle Point, OR(Zone 8a)

Boy, I can relate to the vehicle attachment thing. If I can figure out how to scan an old photo, I will show you my old pickup! So sorry about the damage to your van. I was nearly murderous when my pickup was "abused". Glad that is all behind me now.
I think there is room enough for me in the back aside mr. pooh-bear. =^..^=

Ruby, I am looking forward to your decluttering work. I know we have heard much of it before, but something may finally get thru to us. Thanks in advance for the effort.

Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

The lady is certainly right about all the areas of clutter. I found that my physical clutter reflected the state of my mind, spirit, and health. If one area is out of balance, all the areas become the same way. I found that working on one area actually affected the other areas, altho I didn't realize it at the time.

I'm preparing myself to say goodbye to Casper (the old van). The insurance company is going to give me a fair price for the damage and then I can sell him for about the equivalent amount, which will give me a nice little sum to buy a nice little economical car and not have payments on it. I've got the new van (Puxtawney), so I don't really need two. So I'll find a good home for Casper. I'm sure I'll cry as he drives out of the driveway one last time, but it's time to let him go.

But if y'all ever get a chance to get a Dodge Caravan, grab it. It's really been the best vehicle I've ever had, which is why I bought a newer one. I hope to drive it 10 or 15 yrs too. And the stow-n-go seats are the most amazing feature! I just love folding all the back seats down into the floorboard where no one even knows they're still in the van. The back of the van is like a truck bed then. I don't know much about cars, but I've owned several different makes, but these caravans just fit me and my lifestyle. I still laugh when I think about telling that salesman 14.5 years ago that I'm just not a van lady. The minute I sat in Casper, I just melted! LOL


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Here is a picture of "the twins". Casper is the van closest to the front.

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Crozet, VA

Sounds as though things are working out for you BC. That is great. Wow, fourteen years is a good record for a vehicle. I myself am really partial to Subarus, and have now owned three, plus my older son has two and younger son owned one as his first car. I too have received some good service withi mine and am grateful for that.

Oh yeah, the sentimental value of some of our belongings. That is a major biggie. So many of the items I have held on to for many years are due to sentimental value. I am hoping that I too will be able to bitethe bullet soon and sentiments or not, let some things go that no longer fit my life style.

Was able to accomplish a few things yesterday that have really opened up some needed space. I moved all of the potting supplies outdoors in to three metal cabinets I found on Craigs List over the weekend. Also last evening I packed up a large trash bag of sweaters and tops that I no longer wear and am sending them today to my nieces who live in another county. After they have gone through the items and chosen what they want, I am hoping they will take the remainders to their church clothes closet and that who ever ends up with the items has a real need for them and that they will serve them well. My master closet heaved a big sign of relief when those things were moved out.

BC, over the weeks that I have been packing up and moving things out of the house I have had a few revelations that have surprised me. I am now understanding why the hoarding shows attempt to move everything out and then begin with a new slate. By doing this, my creative juices are flowing and I am finding some new ideas for storage that may not have been possible if I hadn't moved all contents from a certain area. I am already sensing that I will have an easier time letting go of things, and not returning them inside after I have spent some time in less dense surroundings. I have a distinct feeling that I am going to really like the pared down look.

Hope that things work well with the reimbursement and sale of auto parts. Sounds good so far. Take care until we meet again. If we don't chat again beforehand....hope that you have a great weekend.


Northeast, AR(Zone 7a)

Ruby, it is so enlightening to start with a clean slate. I've been known to move everything out of a room so I can start from scratch. It's really hard to see the room with new eyes if it is full of stuff. I would slowly start moving the biggest furniture back in first and then see what else the room asks for. Don't rush it either. Sit with a few items first and get a feel for the "new" room. Then you'll be able to see what belongs.

I'm proud of myself. I sold my old van last my neighbor. So I've seen it drive by numerous times today. My neighbor is so happy with it. I ended up getting a good sum from the ins. company as well as a good sum from my neighbor too. So now I can buy a smaller, more economical car and have money left over to build a master bathroom. Surprisingly, I feel great about selling Casper; the new money will fulfill some dreams. I wasn't even sad last night when I signed over the title. I was actually relieved. I was really surprised. Even today, I feel a sense of relief. I suppose I'm happy that my neighbor bought it, so I can still see it daily. LOL

Crozet, VA

Nice ending to the Casper story. You were really concerned about letting it go and even questioned if you would be able to. That is where I am going to find myself shortly after the carpet is installed and I begin bringing things back inside. I am gearing up to let go of a large part of my belongings. I already have visions of a more minimalist look to my surroundings, and know that I am going to like it. This packing up experience has been very thought and idea provoking and I have come to realize the reason the TV shows insist on getting things out before starting a room or a home over. With things out of the way, I have come up with some better storage solutions to areas that have plagued me until now.

I really can't explain the transformation I seem to be going through, but I am finding it exciting, though very laborious and tiresome physically. I keep thinking of the end results and that keeps me going. So glad you checked in with a progress report BC. Great that the money you received for the van is enabling you to do some extras that weren't feasible before now. I am sure you will do a lovely job of the master bath.

Hope to chat again soon. Hope Huckleberry checks in soon.


Desoto, TX(Zone 8a)

Have I mentioned that we have lived in this same house since Feb. 10, 1967. Whoooo,Boy! 75-80 garage sales, shared with daughter, son, sister, brother, neighbors and ANYONE I could convince they needed whatever it was I have. Still covered up.

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