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Large bog pot

Brea, CA(Zone 10b)

I have a number of pitcher plants, Sundews, VFT and a trigger plant. All are doing well. Can I put them all in one large patio type planter? Should it still be the tray method, or can I just keep it moist

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Do they not have different light and moisture, or temperature requirements? If not, thanů.go for itů.As far as I'm concerned, the necessities of each individual is most importantů..If they all need the same thing, then try it out and see what happens! Come back and let us know!

Santa Ana, CA(Zone 10b)

Ted, If you're going to the Spring garden Show, the vendor that sells them is there, in the same place as always on the second level. He was honest enough to tell my "date" that he couldn' t grow sarracinias in his pond. There are a couple of others there this year too. I'm thinking of going back tomorrow so I can brows at leasure.

Brea, CA(Zone 10b)

I was there Friday and spent some time with hi,Glenn of A&C Tropicals. I saw the other vendor, Mesa Exotics, there as well. Picked up a VFT and a sundew that was totally red from him. From Glenn I bought a trigger. Glenn had a large pot with different plants in it. Since the pitchers and sundews I have now are all on the same table in the yard I thought I could make one large planting. But if I do, does it still have to be the tray method? If not, how much water do you keep in the large pot. Just enough to keep everything moist?

Of course I stopped at Andy's, but that's a different forum.

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Brea, CA(Zone 10b)

By the way, the LA Arboretum is having a show and sale next weekend. Mesa and others will be there


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