HELP! My Avocado tree broke at base

Cape Coral, FL(Zone 10a)

We went out for less than a hour today and came home to our Avocado tree down. Broke at the base. It has been so dry and i have been watering a lot here. Had a little sprikle a few times today and a little thunder. We had to have had some wind because other things are in differnt places but to take a 12 foot or larger tree down? It had tiny little avocados on it too. So sad we are. Our first Avocados :(

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Broward County, FL(Zone 10b)

So sorry to hear about your tree! I'm a bit wondering why it's so dark at bottom? If the tree was healthy, roots and all, it should sprout back right beside where it broke off. I had our huge avocado tree cut down at the ground and it started many new trees from which the 2 strongest are growing back now. So don't over water, but don't let it dry out either and it'll come back.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

The black around the bottom looks suspicious to me-I wonder if it was maybe planted too deeply or watered too much and was rotting at the base, that would have certainly made it easier for it to blow over and break in a storm. If it was rotting then it's less likely that it'll resprout but if it was healthy then it could.

Cape Coral, FL(Zone 10a)

Thanks for the replys. I did not think watering would have done that to such a big tree. It would break my heart to know i killed my own tree with baby fruit. If it was rotten at the bottom. I would of thought it would of been soft. It was not. It almost looked burnt. Can you see that is the picture? I will leave rest in ground in hopes to see something come back. Thanks again!

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